Liquid ring vacuum pump with large pumping speed, energy saving, high efficiency, simple structure, convenient use, etc.The company adopts the German DIN standards, products acquired the CE certificate. Pump body produced by high precision machining centers, CNC machine tools and other advanced equipments. The raw materials have been strictly tested with spectrum analysis, hardness testing, metallographic analysis, performance testing and etc. to ensure that each batch of material conform to the requirements of the order. Each pump has to be inspected with multifunctional test station before shipping.  Pumps With cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, and other materials, sealing parts, bearing all adopt international famous brands such as NSK, SKK and so on. The pumps are able to discharge corrosive and flammable gases,such as methane gas and chlorine chemical gases. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are Widely used in papermaking, chemical, pharmaceutical, coal, metallurgy, electronics, chemical fertilizer and other industries.

2SK series liquid ring vacuum pump (water ring vacuum pump)
2BV series Liquid ring vacuum pump
2BV6 series liquid ring vacuum pump
2BV5 liquid ring vacuum pump
2BV2 series Liquid ring vacuum pump
2BE3 series Liquid ring vacuum pump
2BE1 series Liquid ring vacuum pump