EVP-PB Oil – free Scroll Vacuum Pump

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Description: EVP-PB series -oil free scroll vacuum pump is a dry vacuum pump newly developed by EVP VACUUM.
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1.General introduction

EVP-PB series -oil free scroll vacuum pump is a dry vacuum pump newly developed by EVP VACUUM. The vacuum pump of this structure can realize the real oil-free and oil – free scroll compression technology structure, so it has the following advantages:

*A small gap, low leakage, high compression ratio, stable pumping speed over a wide pressure range

*The working cavity formed by the fixed and orbiting scroll is symmetrical, and the pump has a simple structure and few parts, low vibration noise and high reliability.

*The working pressure range is wide. The driving torque changes little, and the power variation is small because the change of the compression volume is continuous.

*Because it works in an oil-free environment, it can be used to remove condensable gases without polluting the chamber.

*Since the main component of the compression chamber is anodized aluminum and PTFE, it is not suitable to pump corrosive, especially strong acid, strong alkaline gas/liquid (it can be applied if it is only used to pump common organic solvent.)


The dry scroll vacuum pump has widely used in medical equipment, electronics, semiconductors, medicine, vacuum packaging, solar energy,vacuum drying filtration, scientific research,laboratory equipment, vacuum fixation,vacuum degassing, vacuum forming,vacuum leak detection, electron accelerator, vacuum coating, recycling equipment, etc.

3.Technical parameter:

Model Parameter  




Nominal pumping speed L/S 3 5
L/min 200 360
Ultimate vacuum mbar 0.008 0.06
Pa 0.8 6
Leak rate mbar·l/s <1×10-6 <1×10-6
pa·m3/s <1×10-7 <1×10-7
Motor voltage V Single-phase 100-240 Single-phase 100-240
Motor power W 400 400
Motor speed rpm 1800 1800
Maximum inlet pressure  





Dimension mm 430×255×290 (L×W×H) 430×255×290 (L×W×H)
Noise dB(A) 54 54
Inlet port NW 25 NW 25
Outlet port NW 25 NW 25
Water vapor capacity gh-1 100 210
Weight kg 28 29
Cooling Air Air





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