Brazil International Paper Fair 2019

Exhibition time: 28-30 September 2019
Exhibition venue: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Introduction to the Exhibition
The exhibition is the largest in Latin America in the same industry and related industries. It attracts an average of 8,000 participants annually, 45% of whom are senior executives, decision makers or influential decision makers. During the four-day exhibition, exhibitors can show Brazilian and international purchasers the latest solutions, technologies and services in the paper industry, and contact with large companies in the industry to gain opportunities for cooperation and expand their markets. The 13-year exhibition attracted 28 countries, including Germany, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Syria, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, Venezuela and China. Twenty thousand visitors.

Exhibition Contents
Paper machinery and equipment: pulp manufacturing machinery and accessories, paper machinery and equipment, carton machinery and equipment, spare parts, auxiliary equipment and instrumentation, paper processing equipment, dehydration, press equipment, pumps, valves, pipes and new papermaking technology and equipment, energy-saving technology and equipment;
Paper automation and computer control system: Paper automation detection and control instruments, instruments and transmission equipment, DCS process control, QCS quality control and paper machine transmission control, computer networked control system;
Paper-making environmental protection and three wastes treatment technology and equipment: white water recovery technology and equipment, deinking technology and equipment, recycled paper utilization processing and environmental protection treatment technology and equipment, intermediate water treatment, black liquor recovery technology and equipment, paper-making three wastes treatment, comprehensive utilization of new technologies and equipment; paper raw and auxiliary materials, pulp, paper, paper products: various paper, cartons, paperboard, cartons and other paper products package Packing materials, various industrial and domestic papers and other raw and auxiliary materials such as processing paper, paper-making nets, woolen cloth, etc.
Paper Chemicals; Handling and Packing Machinery and Equipment

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