What are the applications of roots vacuum units in medicine?

The application of vacuum technology of roots vacuum unit in medicine is mainly in the production of medical equipment and medicines. The effective use of these new medical equipment will contribute to the success of surgical operations and effectively extend the use period and increase of medicines, vaccines, and blood. Effect. Since the 1960s, vacuum technology has been applied to high-speed centrifuges and clinical vacuum suction; clinical suction is often seen in surgery. The small pat is mainly used for needle tube suction. Under normal circumstances, it mainly sucks the congestion, pus, vomit, ascites and sputum of the patient after the operation. Obviously, a continuous suction method must be used to prevent the invasion of bacteria, that is, strict aseptic operation should be ensured.

What are the applications of roots vacuum units in medicine?

After ENT and thoracic surgery, a micro-mechanical pump is often used to remove phlegm from the patient’s throat. However, for the removal of congestion, pus, vomiting, and ascites, a suction device must be provided. Commonly used are water jets, steam jet pumps, water ring vacuum pumps, Rotary Piston Vacuum pumps, and rotary vane mechanical pumps and Roots vacuum unit.

When using a vacuum aspirator, there are certain requirements for the installation of the vacuum line, because as the pump starts, it will quickly affect the patient. The vacuum suction system used in large hospitals can work with a Roots vacuum unit, while simultaneously performing clinical suction treatment on many patients. But each introductory tube should be equipped with pressure and flow control, put a full plug and a bacterial filter, and at the same time, the quality of the vacuum can be seen from the sound and intuitively. This device is suitable for large-scale surgical wards, avoids the noise caused by using vacuum pumps separately, and reasonably improves the utilization rate of the roots vacuum unit. However, with this kind of vacuum suction system, the pipeline should be installed reasonably and avoid bacterial contamination of the vacuum pipeline.

For the vacuum suction device, although the minimum pressure gauge required is 50 Torr, considering the disadvantages of long pipelines, reduced conductance, and system leakage, the average pumping speed can be as large as possible. During the specific operation, the pressure adjusting device can select the appropriate vacuum condition and the size of the flow rate during suction. If a leak is found, the leak can be stopped in time.

In the specific operation, pay attention to the size of the pumping speed. The designed pumping speed of the system is different from the actual pumping speed, because the designed pumping speed is for air, but the actual pumped pus, blood, sputum and other viscous liquids are determined by the flow rate during pumping. The adjustment can determine the flow of the suction fluid, so that the actual pumping speed of the system can be estimated.

The above is the relevant introduction of the application of Roots vacuum units in medicine. You can operate according to your own situation. I hope that this article can be helpful to you.


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