Precautions for installing water ring vacuum pump

Posted on Fri, 15 Jun 2018 06:18:23 +0000

Water ring vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum pump, it can obtain the limit vacuum of 2000~4000Pa, and the vacuum degree of the unit with vacuum pump can reach 1~600Pa. Water ring pump can also be used as compressor, called water ring compressor, is a low pressure compressor, its pressure range is 1...

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Application of vacuum pump in food processing industry

Posted on Thu, 14 Jun 2018 03:22:13 +0000

The application of vacuum pump in food processing is mainly in the freezing and drying process, which is often called the vacuum freezing technology in the industry, which is recognized as the most advanced food processing technology in the world. Vacuum pump supporting machinery: freeze drying e...

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How often does the vacuum pump oil change

Posted on Wed, 13 Jun 2018 02:29:25 +0000

Vacuum pump oil a special oil for vacuum pump, which is divided into mineral oil and oil, mainly play a lubricating role. Many people ask how often vacuum pump oil is changed? Actually, it depends on the actual situation. The working environment is good. It can last three to six months. Poor work...

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Application of vacuum pump in variable frequency air conditioning

Posted on Tue, 12 Jun 2018 03:12:47 +0000

Summer is the peak period of variable frequency air conditioning installation, and a procedure before the installation of variable frequency air conditioning, vacuum, but it is often ignored by everyone. So, must the vacuum during installation? What is the necessary effect of vacuum extraction on...

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Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump scope of application

Posted on Mon, 11 Jun 2018 03:20:11 +0000

Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump is also called XD rotary vane vacuum pump. Rotary vane vacuum pumps are single-stage oil seal vane vacuum pumps, is the basic equipment to obtain vacuum. The suction port of rotary vane vacuum pump is equipped with a thick filter with wire mesh. Can prevent so...

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Application of roots water ring vacuum unit in physical refining of rice bran oil

Posted on Fri, 08 Jun 2018 02:56:58 +0000

The roots water ring vacuum unit is used for the physical refining of rice bran oil, with low operating power, low protection, sensitive and inconvenient device, which increases production profit and obtains good economic benefit. The production of waste oil, to achieve the national standard four...

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The use of rotary vane vacuum pump

Posted on Thu, 07 Jun 2018 02:57:21 +0000

When we talk about vacuum pump, we have to mention rotary vane vacuum pump. Rotary vane pump is composed of pump body, rotor, rotary vane, end cover, spring, etc. So, do you know how to use it? Today, I’d like to show you how to use rotary vane vacuum pump. Rotary-vane vacuum pump is low, i...

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Running process of liquid ring vacuum pump

Posted on Wed, 06 Jun 2018 02:53:20 +0000

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump were originally used as self-priming pumps. It is composed of impeller, pump body, suction and exhaust disc, water ring, suction port, exhaust port and auxiliary exhaust valve formed by water in the pump body wall. In many industrial production process, such as vacuum filt...

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Vane valve for vacuum pump

Posted on Tue, 05 Jun 2018 03:28:56 +0000

1. working principle of pneumatic valve: The pneumatic valve is set for the removal of condensable gas by rotary vane vacuum pump. Usually the gas removed by the pump is a mixture of permanent gas and condensable gas. In the process of compression and exhaust, when the partial pressure of condens...

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Vacuum pump oil filtration and replacement skills

Posted on Mon, 04 Jun 2018 02:25:04 +0000

Vacuum pump oil in use process, due to oxidation, emulsification and the outside world with all kinds of impurities such as reasons, some of the oil deterioration, when bad ingredients and impurities to a certain extent, change the color of the oil, viscosity and acid value increased, the precipi...

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