vacuum system in hydrocarbon industry of application

With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of vacuum technology has now expanded from a few industries to most industries. The vacuum system has the characteristics of oil-free, dry and clean; excellent corrosion resistance; low noise and low vibration; high pumping speed can shorten the exhaust time; in the low temperature field, the vacuum system is a successful vacuum. Get technology. Here, the editor will introduce to you the application of vacuum system in the hydrocarbon industry through this article.

What is hydrocarbon? what is it used for?

“Hydrocarbon” is usually called a hydrocarbon. Organic compounds composed of only two elements, carbon and hydrogen, are called hydrocarbons, or hydrocarbons. It reacts with chlorine, bromine vapor, oxygen, etc. to generate hydrocarbon derivatives. Saturated hydrocarbons (and benzene) do not react with strong acids, strong bases, and strong oxidants (such as potassium permanganate), but unsaturated hydrocarbons (alkenes, alkynes) , Benzene homologue) can be oxidized or react with hydrogen halide.

Hydrocarbon products are widely used in daily production and daily life.

1. Fuel

Hydrocarbon oil is a bio-liquid fuel that can replace petrochemical diesel and a substitute for petroleum energy. It is a kind of liquid fuel produced by lipid exchange reaction with various lipid compounds (rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil and scraps of various vegetable oils) and methanol as raw materials under the action of a catalyst. It is golden yellow and neutral. When burning, there is no black smoke, no peculiar smell, no harmful gas emission. After testing, all physical and chemical indicators have reached national standards. It is a biomass renewable energy source with a wide range of raw materials and low prices.

It can be widely used in various diesel transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, generator sets and other diesel internal combustion engines. It can also be used in industrial boilers and civil boilers, hotels, hotels, offices, school canteens, food stalls and households as non-power fuels.

2. Industrial cleaning

Used in hardware, jewelry, clocks, automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, electronics, electrical, liquid crystal, semiconductor and other industries, it can effectively remove all kinds of oil, grease, soldering resin, polishing wax, etc.

Its characteristics are mainly as follows:

1. Good cleaning performance. Through the cleaning under vacuum, the best cleaning performance is exerted.

2. The evaporation loss is small.

3. Very low toxicity.

4. Good material compatibility.

5. It can be completely volatilized without residue.

6. Do not damage the environment.

7. While being used for conventional industrial cleaning, it can be used for dewatering and removing adhesive residue with slight improvement.

8. Vacuum drying with steam flushing through the imported vacuum system will not be oxidized.

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