The advantages of dry screw vacuum pumps make up for the disadvantages of oil-sealed vacuum pumps

With the development of my country’s industry, in the semiconductor industry, liquid crystal display and other process manufacturing, the requirements for a clean vacuum environment are getting higher and higher, and traditional oil-sealed vacuum pumps are difficult to meet the requirements of new processes.

The advantages of dry screw vacuum pumps make up for the disadvantages of oil-sealed vacuum pumps

The dry screw vacuum pump is an air extraction device that uses a pair of screws in the pump casing to perform synchronous high-speed and reverse rotation to produce suction and exhaust. In the pump casing, there is a certain gap between the screw and the screw, so when the dry screw vacuum pump is working, there is no friction between each other, the operation is stable, the noise is low, the working cavity does not need lubricating oil, and the dry dry screw vacuum pump can pump Except for gas places with a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust, the ultimate vacuum is higher. The screw dry vacuum pump has a wide range of pumping speed, simple and compact structure, no friction, long life, low energy consumption, no oil pollution, etc. Advantages, more and more manufacturers and application units pay attention, occupy an important position in the dry vacuum pump market.

The advantages of dry screw vacuum pumps: no fuel consumption, no dripping; the working chamber and screw rotor have anti-corrosion coatings, and the pumped gas is directly discharged out of the pump body. It does not pollute water, has no environmental protection pressure, and it is more convenient to recycle gas; it can adapt to harsh working conditions. Condition; simple structure, convenient maintenance; no compression of gas in the pump, suitable for pumping condensable gas;

1.The type of dry screw vacuum pump mechanical seal

In dry screw vacuum pumps, if mechanical seals are used, there are five main types according to the type, according to the introduction of the dry screw vacuum pump manufacturer, namely, the seal between the shaft sleeve and the shaft, and the seal between the moving rings. The seal between the dynamic and static shaft sleeve rings, the seal between the static ring and the static ring seat, and the seal between the sealing end cover and the pump body.

2.Leakage disposal during static test of dry screw vacuum pump

After the mechanical sealing device of the dry screw vacuum pump is well debugged, it is usually necessary to stop the static test, mainly to check for leakage. In addition, the dry screw vacuum pump manufacturer requires that if there is a leak, it needs to be dealt with in time without delay.

If the pump leaks during the static test and the leakage is small, it is likely that there is a problem with the moving ring or the static ring seal. If the leakage is large, there may be a problem between the moving ring and the static ring. In addition, there may be a leak in the channel. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct detailed investigations according to the specific circumstances to find out the leaks in order to effectively deal with them.

3.Leakage disposal during trial operation of dry screw vacuum pump

Regarding this aspect, the dry screw vacuum pump manufacturer believes that the main reason is that, in addition to the failure of the shaft and end cover seal, the vast majority of it may be due to the destruction of the dynamic and static ring friction pairs, thereby causing leakage. In detail, that is, the friction pair seal in the dry screw vacuum pump has failed, causing leakage problems. Regarding the treatment method, the usual practice is to stop the operation, re-disassemble, and change the seal.

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