How to properly change the vacuum pump oil

The vacuum pump uses the oil to replace in time, after high-precision dynamic balance, high-speed operation is to make the work stable, and the whole machine volume is small. The correct oil change procedure has a great influence on the future work of the vacuum pump. If the oil change procedure is not paid attention to, it will be more than the gain.

The most common cause of vacuum pump failure and unstable operation is oil pollution. If water or acid vapor flows through the vacuum pump 2 and keeps the oil working for a period of time, serious corrosion and damage to the vacuum pump will occur. The simplest way to determine the need for oil change is to connect a vacuum meter to the vacuum pump to find out whether the rated vacuum can be reached finally.

If there is a smell of solvent, it usually indicates that the oil needs to be changed. Light brown, dark oil also indicates the presence of water. In case of doubt, the oil should be changed immediately. In a small vacuum pump, the black oil does not necessarily indicate that the oil has been contaminated. The longer the blade runs in, the better the inner seat of the moving parts runs in, and the more carbon is brought into the oil by the running in of the water ring vacuum pump. It can make the oil black, but it will not reduce its vapor pressure and even increase its lubricity. If the vacuum pump is only used occasionally or lent to other operators, it is better to drain and fill with new oil before the vacuum pump is temporarily idle. Many users find it convenient for them to put a label on the vacuum pump to record the oil change date.

In most cases, it is very simple to drain the vacuum pump oil. Just let the vacuum pump run. Heat the oil and thinnest the oil film. Then, open the vacuum pump inlet to the atmosphere, turn off the power and open the discharge valve. If necessary, the liquid ring vacuum pump can be tilted from the end opposite to the valve to ensure complete discharge. When the oil flow stops, turn the machine for a few seconds or turn the pulley by hand to drain the oil remaining in the stator gap. If the vacuum pump is operated for a short time while discharging oil, there will be enough oil film on the moving parts to prevent damage. Remember: when adding new oil, any dirty oil left in the pump will pollute the new oil. Most manufacturers do not recommend the use of washed oil.

How to reduce energy consumption of vacuum pump?

1. Choose the material of vacuum pump reasonably

Considering that the service life of the vacuum unit can be maintained for more than 4 years, low-cost and easy to cast ones shall be selected as far as possible. For corrosive liquid vacuum pump body and other media, anti-corrosion components and stainless steel materials can be selected. Of course, the specific selection should be combined with the actual needs of the industry.

2. Reasonably determine the output of vacuum pump

First of all, it is necessary to find out the resistance of all levels of vacuum pump system to eliminate the abnormal phenomenon of excessive resistance. Secondly, considering the influence of all kinds of adverse factors, the maximum gas supply and extraction capacity, combined with the operation requirements, the safe and economic system pressure is determined. Finally, according to the total pumping capacity, the output configuration of the vacuum unit is reformed. Under the premise of ensuring safety, the system is in medium speed operation, so that the vacuum degree and air extraction volume required by the operating conditions match the efficiency of the vacuum pump.

In addition, when changing the oil of the vacuum pump, it is recommended to do it after the oil temperature rises. It is forbidden to use kerosene, gasoline and alcohol for non disassembly cleaning of the pump. At ordinary times, attention should be paid to protecting the air inlet and checking the filter screen to prevent dust and impurities from entering the pump, contaminating the pump oil and damaging the vacuum chamber.

liquid ring vacuum pump used In Daily chemical industry in Asia

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