Vacuum pumps for beverage factory

How to make drinks

In life, drinking water is necessary for people. Making water into drinks can make people drink more water and improve people’s health. The production method of space water beverage is to further process the prepared beverage water into the beverage under negative pressure.

The manufacturing method of space water beverage relates to the practical application of pressure vacuum technology. Specific operation steps:

(1) Design and manufacture pressure cooker, install negative pressure gauge.

(2) Can drinks under negative pressure. According to the principle of Pascal’s law, open the vacuum pump to remove the space or dissolved gas. In life, drinking water is necessary for people. Making water into beverage can make people drink more water to improve people’s health. The prepared beverage water is further processed into the beverage under negative pressure state to form the physical formula: H2O (L) Δ H2O (g). This beverage is drunk into the gastrointestinal tract.

With the effect of beverage dispersion and 37 ℃ temperature of human body, the beverage will absorb the air in the gastrointestinal tract, It shows the novelty of space drinks. Build a production line for space water drinks, or add a space water production equipment and technology in the production plant of a beverage production line, and connect them as a whole to make them connected and matched.

Problems in vacuum pump during beverage manufacturing:

Why to add water continuously in the process of using vacuum pump

Although the use of vacuum pump is often related to water, but it still needs water to support its work, many times we are in the form of adding water, so what’s the saying of adding water to vacuum pump?

The vacuum pump needs liquid as working liquid in operation, and this kind of liquid basically selects water as working liquid.

When water is reduced, its working efficiency will be reduced, energy consumption will be increased, and operation cost will be increased. The function of working fluid is not only to extract gas, but also to reduce the temperature of pump body. The working fluid is much lower than the normal level, which will increase the heating capacity of the pump body, reduce the durability of the pump and increase the maintenance cost. Therefore, when the water ring vacuum pump is running, it must keep the normal level of working fluid, which is conducive to the normal operation of the pump, and also conducive to maintenance and reduce costs.

Working fluid can be regarded as the power of its work. If the power is gone, what can the vacuum pump do to fight for? Therefore, we should not be stingy at ordinary times, but give them some water from time to time, so that they can give back to us in the form of good work.

Vacuum pumps for beverage factory

Vacuum pumps for beverage factory

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