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Through the preliminary investigation and understanding of the vacuum pump market in Sudan. The vast majority of the users are purchasing a single vacuum pump, self-assembly. However, because most users do not have a thorough understanding of the performance and operation status of vacuum pumps, especially liquid ring vacuum pumps, and lack of professional knowledge, the use cost is high, and even the service life of the equipment is shortened.

Vacuum system is more and more widely used in various industries. Such as electronic processing vacuum system, battery production vacuum system, evaporative distillation vacuum system, waste liquid (waste acid water, waste alkali water, waste oil water, etc.) recovery vacuum system, material concentration and crystallization vacuum system, food industry vacuum system and so on.

Vacuum system refers to a device which can meet certain vacuum requirements by connecting vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges and various parts through pipes in an appropriate way.

Different vacuum systems require different vacuum degrees. Therefore, it is often accomplished by a set of vacuum units, i.e. vacuum pumps working in different pressure ranges are connected in series. Vacuum pumps on the high vacuum side can meet the vacuum requirements of the system, while vacuum pumps on the low vacuum side are directly discharged into the atmosphere. Obviously, a simple vacuum unit is a vacuum pump directly discharging the atmosphere.

Another reason why vacuum units often need tertiary units is due to the limitation of suction pressure of high vacuum pumps. All pumps have initial working pressure, and traditional high vacuum pumps are in the range of several Pa. Therefore, the first stage pump can be pre-pumped to the main pressure pump to start work. However, it often takes a long time for the front pump of direct air to pump at this pressure, because the pump speed decreases with the decrease of pressure. Especially for the vacuum unit with periodic pumping, the time to reach the working vacuum is required. The longer the pre-pumping time is, the longer the time to enter the working vacuum is.


Notices for Selection of Roots Liquid Ring Vacuum System:

1. Understand the composition of the extracted gas, whether the gas contains condensable vapor, whether there is particulate dust, whether there is corrosion and so on. When choosing a vacuum pump, it is necessary to know the gas composition and select the appropriate pump for the pumped gas. If the gas contains vapor, particles and corrosive gases, it should be considered to install auxiliary equipment such as condenser and dust collector in the intake pipeline of Roots liquid ring vacuum system.

2. The working pressure of Roots liquid ring vacuum system should meet the requirements of vacuum equipment’s limit vacuum and working pressure. Such as: a vacuum drying process requires 10 mmHg (absolute pressure) working pressure, the limit pressure of the selected vacuum pump should be at least 2 mmHg, preferably less than 1 mmHg. Usually the limit pressure of the pump is half to one order of magnitude higher than the working pressure of the vacuum equipment.

3. Choose the working point of Roots liquid ring vacuum system correctly. The normal working range of Roots liquid ring vacuum system is from maximum suction pressure to limit pressure *5. Example: The normal working range of Roots Water Ring Vacuum Unit is 6000Pa~125Pa. The working range is the normal working pressure range after the main pump is opened. The efficiency of Roots Water Ring Vacuum Unit is the best within this working range.

4. Under its working pressure, the vacuum unit should be able to discharge all the gas produced in the process of vacuum equipment.

5. Choose the appropriate unit configuration according to the actual working conditions.

In fact, the realization of technological process is often closely related to the adaptability of equipment. Therefore, the selection of suitable type and design requirements of Roots liquid ring vacuum system is an important prerequisite to complete production tasks and obtain good benefits. In the Sudan vacuum pump market, after several years of exploration, we have established the Vacuum System Application Research and Development Center. Specialized design and trial-manufacture of Roots liquid ring vacuum system adapted to different industries, especially in material distillation and crystallization vacuum system, waste liquid (waste acid liquid, waste alkali liquid, waste oil and water) recovery vacuum system, automatic water diversion vacuum system and so on, have achieved certain results.

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