Liquid ring vacuum pump offer

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Selection of vacuum pump should follow principle

Requirements of vacuum degree of the system according to the requirements of vacuum degree of the system, select the corresponding limit vacuum pump. Generally, the limit vacuum of the pump is 0.5~1 order of magnitude higher than that of the system. It is necessary for the pressure scale of normal operation of the pump to be satisfied with the pressure required by the system.

It is an important condition for selecting vacuum pumps with different characteristics to select the type, composition, impurity status and pollution constraint requirements of the pumped gas. It is not only related to the operation of the pump function, and directly related to the pump operation life and maintenance protection status, especially in chemical production, it is often a key factor in the correct selection of the pump.

The volume or volume flow of the system is the main basis for the selection of a certain type of vacuum pump. Vacuum pump selection and pumping speed accounting vacuum pump useful pumping speed S (L/ S). According to the working pressure pg required by the vacuum system and the total gas quantity Q of the vacuum system, the useful pumping speed S=Q/pg is calculated. In the formula, Q is the total gas quantity of the vacuum system, pa.l/S, including the gas quantity during the operation of the vacuum system, the air discharge quantity of the vacuum system and vacuum components and the total air leakage quantity of the vacuum system.

In general, the useful pumping speed calculated by this formula is increased by 20-30% or more than the nominal pumping speed of the main pump. According to the useful pumping speed S and the flow guide U of the connecting pipe between the pump and the vacuum chamber, the pumping speed Sp of the main pump is determined. According to the flow guide series formula, 1/S=1/Sp 1/U is selected according to the type, composition, temperature and dust containing impurities of the gas pumped.

What is transmission mode of vacuum pump

With the continuous development of industry, food industry, textile industry, electronics industry, sewage treatment industry, ore, construction, metallurgy and other industries, the production of some of the liquid is also more and more, so the equipment used to transport these media is more and more in demand. Then came all kinds of pump and valve equipment. The vacuum pump as a kind of course also has its own advantages.

Vacuum pump is a rotary variable volume, vacuum pump must have the cooperation of the front pump can be used in a wider pressure scale within the larger pumping speed, to be removed from the gas containing dust and water vapor is not sensitive. So the vacuum pump has such an advantage, which has a lot to do with the transmission method.

The two rotors of the vacuum pump work in relative synchronization through a pair of high precision gears. The automatic shaft is connected to the motor through a coupling. There are mainly the following two types of transmission structure placement, one of which is the motor and gear on the same side of the rotor.

Driven rotor is driven directly by the motor end gear, so the modification deformation of the automatic rotor shaft is small, the gap between the two rotors will not be changed because of the modification of the automatic shaft deformation, so that the gap between the rotor in the process of work uniform.

Liquid ring vacuum pump offer

Liquid ring vacuum pump offer

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