Dry vacuum pump for high purity crystal vacuum processing

With the development of high-tech society, many manufacturing industries have strict requirements for the cleaning and environmental protection of vacuum pumps, and regulations to prevent the pollution of oil return and oil leakage to the environment. Therefore, the dry vacuum pump has a rapid development trend. Due to the late start, many of the company’s customers’ impression of dry vacuum pump only stays in a few claw type mechanical pumps and screw vacuum pumps.

The dry vacuum pump is suitable for the processing technology of high-purity air pump, with high vacuum value. Therefore, it can be integrated into extreme industrial and mining enterprises, and can solve the problem of steam body condensation, containing small particles. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high pump speed, long service life, maintenance free and no lubrication. Therefore, in the manufacturing industries of petrochemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, papermaking, electronic optical engineering, etc., low-tech vacuum equipment will be replaced in an all-round way.

Dry vacuum pump consists of motor stator, motor rotor, rotor, body, motor and other key components. The motor rotor with rotor blades is axially installed in the stator slot. When the motor rotor is running at high speed, the pump room is divided into four independent workshops by four axially driven rotor blades. Due to the centripetal effect, the rotor blade is close to the cylinder wall, which separates the motor stator from the inlet and outlet, circularly carries out variable capacitance, and makes the air inlet body discharge from the outlet. Then it goes beyond the vacuum.


Since there is no vacuum pump material (vacuum pump oil, water, etc.) in the dry vacuum pump, the steam body is not polluted by the vacuum pump material according to the dry vacuum pump. Therefore, the purchase of organic solvents is clean. The refrigeration part under the vacuum pump is transformed into the refrigeration part under the superheated steam, further improving the utilization rate of organic solvent raw materials, which is very beneficial to the refrigeration raw materials under the vacuum pump. According to the arrangement of this step, the discharged waste gas may contain industrial waste gas.

On the other hand, the exhaust body of the pump greatly reduces the noise according to the shell side of the tubular condenser. Compared with gasoline pump, dry vacuum pump has low vacuum value and small air supply, but its volume is small, installation is convenient, maintenance is convenient, movement is convenient, no kitchen fume, no pollution to the environment, especially in the laboratory. All these are necessary equipment for the laboratory.

Therefore, in the purchase of dry vacuum pump, first of all in the work of a clear vacuum value. If the requirements are high, and the mechanical pump selected must be higher than the required vacuum value, otherwise it can not meet the requirements of vacuum packaging, it can not meet the working standard.

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