dry screw vacuum pump in wood processing industry

Dry screw vacuum pump is widely used in wood processing industry because of its oil-free and environmental protection characteristics. Several advantages of dry screw vacuum pump for wood processing:

dry screw vacuum pump in wood processing industry

1、 Transportation and stability
In order to make the wood more safe and stable on the processing table, the dry screw vacuum pump vacuum shampoo can be used to firmly absorb the wood and fix it on the workbench. In this process, a certain degree of vacuum is needed to achieve the desired effect. If the vacuum generated by the vacuum pump is too low, the wood workpiece cannot be fixed firmly.

2、 Drying treatment
Wood processing requires drying technology, and vacuum drying technology can greatly improve the efficiency. In the process of vacuum drying with dry screw vacuum pump, the pressure in the vacuum drying chamber is slowly reduced to the minimum. Oxygen and other substances shall be pumped away by vacuum pump to avoid cracks and color changes of wood due to high oxygen content.

3、 Save processing
In the process of processing wood products, in order to make the products have better quality, it is necessary to effectively protect the wood and avoid adverse effects, such as moisture, pests, microorganisms, overheating and other factors. Soaking in the antiseptic liquid can effectively preserve the wood. In order to make the effect better, an oil-free screw vacuum pump can be used to degass and dry the wood in the vacuum environment, so that the antiseptic can have a deeper penetration depth and effectively improve the protection effect.

EVP customizes various types of dry screw vacuum pumps, which has incomparable advantages in the occasions requiring oil-free and clean vacuum in semiconductor and electronic industries, as well as the solvent recovery process in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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