Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for Process Industries

As a leader in the field of vacuum technology, we have developed a range of products to meet high demand applications in the process industry. The liquid ring pump series includes one – and two-stage machines for optimum process efficiency throughout the vacuum range.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are particularly suitable for wet processes and coarse vacuum processes, such as the chemical industry. Operating principle the working fluid of a liquid ring vacuum pump may be water or a liquid compatible with the pumped gas or steam. Ethylene glycol, mineral oil or organic solvents, as well as the process fluid used in the pump can be used as the working fluid.

Liquid ring vacuum pump isolation treatment

When the liquid ring vacuum pump is applied in different industry fields, its failure frequency and type may be different, but this phenomenon is very serious for us, we must deal with it seriously. So, below we will understand the pump equipment isolation treatment knowledge together.

1. First, you should check whether the equipment is working normally; Check whether there is any leakage point in the vacuum system, and check whether the vacuum system pipes and low-pressure continuous drain pipes are damaged, whether the vacuum damage door is tightly closed, whether the sealing water is normal, and whether the steam supply pressure of the shaft seal is normal.
2, check whether the shaft sealing inlet valve, the distribution valve, the discharge valve is normal, the shaft sealing is normal, the shaft fan failure or shaft negative pressure, you can start the standby fan, check whether the small machine exhaust system is normal, if necessary, you can start the electric pump, stop the small machine, close the exhaust butterfly valve.
3. Check whether the seal water of condensate pump is normal and whether the condensate pump leaks.
4. Whether the condenser water level is too high.
5. When the vacuum of the condenser drops to -87kpa, the standby vacuum pump starts. Otherwise, the vacuum pump is put in manually. Vacuum down to -84kpa, load reduction to zero.
6. If the vacuum drops to -81 kpa, the machine should be switched off. Otherwise, the machine will be shut down manually.

Above is the liquid ring vacuum pump isolation treatment of knowledge. In case of emergency failure, if the equipment leakage fault is not too serious, you can put a piece of emery cloth on the glass plate or plate, repair and grind the sealing plane, or turn over the bakelwood water seal and then use, can timely solve the relevant problems.

Machinery and equipment industry, as the name implies, is related to the machinery industry, it is the pillar industry of a country, to a large extent affects the development of the national economy, machinery manufacturing industry also reflects the level of a country’s economic construction. With the implementation of the open policy, China’s machinery industry has developed rapidly and its manufacturing level has been significantly improved. Major technical equipment is a fundamental and strategic product that is related to national security and the lifeblood of the national economy. In recent years, the machinery industry has made continuous breakthroughs in the independent research and development of major technical equipment, and the innovative achievements are gradually put into use. Accelerate the artificial intelligence technology, robot technology, the application of Internet of things technology in the whole process of mechanical industry, promote the production process of digital control, the simulation optimization, state real time monitoring and adaptive control, so as to improve the intelligent level of the product, make [” liquid ring vacuum pump, vacuum pump unit “”,” vacuum pump manufacturer “] in the industrial chain level from low-end to high-end.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for Process Industries

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for Process Industries

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