dry vacuum pump for measures to avoid oil return

What are the measures for dry vacuum pumps to avoid oil return? Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of vacuum pumps, improving professional vacuum pump installations, vacuum solutions, vacuum pump after-sales maintenance and other services. Welcome to view the details of the measures to avoid oil return of dry vacuum pumps.

dry vacuum pump for measures to avoid oil return

Many customers who use dry vacuum pumps will encounter the problem of oil return. Except when the pump does not have a backflow prevention device, this situation is more obvious when the pump stops working. In this case, you can reduce losses by taking necessary countermeasures.

The position of the dry vacuum pump has nothing to do with the oil return. When the pump is stopped, disconnecting the fuel pipe, eliminating the air pressure in the pump chamber, reducing the pressure difference of the level gauge, and reducing the return of residual oil are the basic elements to avoid oil return.

The sealing ring of the dry vacuum pump is reliable and should be replaced appropriately. Separate the oil around the automatic exhaust valve from other oils, and the amount of oil is only slightly higher than the partition. The plane of the high-pressure gate valve should be flat and the pump casing should be flexible. When the dry vacuum pump automatically closes the air inlet, the setting of the check valve structure stops. Move the car’s fuel tank and automatic exhaust valve aside to reduce the amount of fuel and remaining fuel. Add a water pipe to the oil inlet so that the oil volume is only slightly higher than the oil inlet. The pump port is equipped with an inflation valve. Set up a dry vacuum pump and auxiliary structure, and disconnect the fuel pipe when the pump is stopped. After stopping the pump, the vacuum port can be filled with steam to ensure that the working pressure on both sides of the pump is balanced. It is recommended to remove and replace the anti-reverse oil transfer pump at the air inlet. Due to the vacuum packaging of the pump, when the pump is terminated, the atmospheric pressure in the true inner cavity is lower than the outside, which will pump out the oil in the pump, resulting in oil return.

Reasons for the oil return of the pump casing:

When the dry vacuum pump is vacuum packed, the oil will not flow back, but when the mechanical pump stops working, there will be oil back flow in the pipeline. When the pump stops working, the sealing performance of the oil inlet and the pump chamber or the automatic exhaust valve, pump seal, pump cover plane, air inlet, gas ballast valve, etc. will appear. It doesn’t matter. When the pump chamber is in the vacuum pump state, the oil will return to the pump chamber due to the existence of the level gauge difference and the effect of the force, as well as the effect of the pressure difference between the automobile fuel tank and the pump chamber. When the remaining oil is large enough, the oil will continue to flow back to the intake channel, resulting in high frictional resistance at the next start, large support of the rotor and rotor, and large support of the automatic exhaust valve. It is difficult to start, endangering the service life of the parts, and reducing the pump’s life. reliability.

The oil return of the dry vacuum pump is not easy to break, and simple damage cannot be ignored. This not only reduces the reliability of the pump, but also leads to a waste of oil. Therefore, a solution should be found immediately.

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