claw vacuum pump in aromatics extraction

Claw type vacuum pump is a claw type variable volume vacuum pump. It is very popular for its high recovery rate, energy saving and environmental protection. It can achieve the function of vacuumizing and gas-liquid separation through the operation of motor gear. The application way is very wide. Next, let’s talk about its application in aromatics extraction.

Aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylene) are widely used in the production of synthetic rubber, synthetic resin and synthetic fiber, and are widely used as industrial raw materials. Aromatics extraction, that is, aromatics separation and production technology, generally uses solvent extraction.

The benefits of solvent extraction are obvious

1. It can increase processing capacity and reduce energy consumption;

2. The yield of aromatics was increased;

3. Save investment and operation cost.

claw vacuum pump in aromatics extraction

However, its disadvantages also come with it, that is, the pollution problem in the process of solvent recovery and the problem of solvent recovery rate.

Compared with traditional water ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump and water jet pump, claw vacuum pump has its incomparable advantages. Claw type vacuum pump belongs to oil-free vacuum pump. The rotor is suspended in the pump chamber without any contact friction, and there is no lubricating oil and organic medium in the cavity, which does not pollute the solvent and reactor;

Claw type vacuum pump can achieve double condensation mechanism: claw pump’s own compression condensation mechanism is inherent in its own principle; claw pump with jacket water cooling, using cooling water for condensation is also an effective way. The recovery rate of solvent can be greatly improved by two ways.

Claw vacuum pump has the good characteristics of maintenance free, which reduces the operating costs for enterprises, and it has a long service life. In the face of relatively poor use environment, it can also bring good use experience for users. Its application in aromatics extraction shows superior performance and creates more benefits.

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