Vacuum pumps for helium leak detection in the food packaging industry

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helium leak detection in the food packaging industry

Ensure the sealing of food packaging
The shelf life and integrity of food mainly depends on their packaging. Due to the progress of production technology and the improvement of raw materials, composite paper cans provide the best conditions for food storage.

Can sealing is the most important quality inspection point of this kind of products: oxygen into the packaging, will make food quickly deteriorated. Therefore, the manufacturer will perform a leak test to check the tightness of the composite can.

Helium leak detection in food packaging industry
In order to check the tightness of the composite paper can, helium leak detection test was carried out according to the predetermined test plan during and after the production. Test the gas with helium and check the package for leakage. If a leak is found, stop the production of the composite can. In this case, find and eliminate the cause of leakage in the previous process.

Through the helium seal test, we can also analyze the influence of parameter changes in the production process and the influence of new raw materials and materials. In this way, products can be developed in a targeted way.

To this end, the test program has customized a vacuum solution that can be used in different versions of multiple production sites. The equipment is of modular structure and can be equipped with up to six vacuum chamber modules meeting customer requirements. The whole vacuum pump and measurement technology equipment are installed in the basic module: a rotary vane pump which vacuums the process room and test samples, and a helium leak detector smarttest 550 with independent vane pump to ensure the highest accuracy.

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Vacuum pumps for helium leak detection in the food packaging industry

Rotary vane vacuum pump of understand the “visceral” space

The space formed by two end covers and two rotating blades to enclose the rotor and pump cavity can be said to be the more important space of the rotary vane vacuum pump. The following section will share the space divided into three parts, and code them with a, B and C respectively.

When the rotor rotates normally, the equipment will be in the process of suction, so the volume of space B will gradually increase because of the connection with the suction port. And space a will become smaller and smaller because of its connection with the exhaust port. The volume of space C in the middle of them will also gradually decrease. When the equipment is in the compression process, the volume of space B will also slowly increase. But if you separate space B from the air intake, its volume will gradually decrease.

The above is the phenomenon of three space mutual influence in vane vacuum pump. If you want to know more about it, you can leave the phone number for Xiaobian!

Installation and commissioning

Your expectations:
Are you looking for a professional installation solution with no worries?
Our “installation and commissioning” service will install and debug vacuum pumps and vacuum systems anywhere in the world according to professional standards. Our professional installation is more than just assembling and connecting vacuum pumps or vacuum systems.
When implementing the installation, we will also check the configuration parameters to ensure that all system components are working properly. Only when everything is working properly and meeting the scheduled technical specifications will we be satisfied with our installation service.
By completing the installation, maximize the use of the system over its service life

Service details

Once you place an order, we will agree with you on the installation date. The system debugging steps provided by us include:
Assemble correctly and consider all necessary technical links
Piping connections on intake and extraction sides (if applicable)
Installation of electrical equipment (including sensor and control system integration, if any) according to site supply
Top up lubricating oil correctly (if necessary)
Test run, check and record output data
Provide system operation training for operators

Our solution:
Through our international service network, we will arrange well-trained experts to install vacuum system and components for you.

What you get:
The system transferred by turnkey can run at any time
Don’t increase the workload of your employees
No risk of start-up problems
Suitable for single vacuum pump and whole vacuum system
Warranty approval

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