How to choose SSR air blowers

When purchasing SSR air blowers , we mainly consider five points: 1. Air volume and air pressure; 2. Operating conditions; 3. Exhaust gas composition; 4. Installation position and installation form; 5. Accessories, noise and other requirements.

(1)What kind of working environment is SSR air blowers in?

What kind of working environment is SSR air blowers in? Are there any special requirements? What kind of gas? Is it normal (room temperature clean gas) exhaust, process exhaust, or fire smoke exhaust, explosion-proof exhaust, anti-corrosion exhaust, kitchen exhaust, etc;

1) Ordinary exhaust has no special requirements for the blower, as long as it meets the design conditions and customer requirements; however, the speed of the fan should be controlled below 1500 rpm, because the speed is too high, the blower and its components are easy to be damaged, such as bearing and shaft, belt and pulley wear in advance, resulting in frequent replacement of parts and increasing maintenance costs.

2) There are many kinds of exhaust air, some of which may contain welding slag, paint, explosive gas, and sometimes need high temperature and smoke exhaust. Different components have different treatment methods and different requirements for blowers;

3) Welding slag in the gas: filter screen should be added, and the motor can not be built-in; the metal chips and welding slag and other impurities in the waste gas should be taken into account in the exhaust air of welding workshop or blanking workshop. If these impurities enter the blower, they may scratch the worn bearing belt and other parts, and even more seriously damage the motor, resulting in motor scrapping. Therefore, it is required to add primary filter aluminum mesh (filter particles with diameter greater than 1 mm) and motor external (to prevent metal chips from entering the motor).

4) The gas contains paint: most of them should be equipped with filter screen, explosion-proof fan, explosion-proof motor, shaft seal, and the motor is installed outside; the paint contains volatile organic solvent, which is flammable and explosive gas, and may cause explosion if exposed to open fire (such as electric spark). Therefore, the fan is required to be of all aluminum structure (class a explosion-proof) or impeller and air inlet made of non iron elements (such as aluminum, copper, high-strength nylon, etc.) (class B explosion-proof). RTC, isq, RUC, cab, wex600-900, RTA, CFB / CBD and IAT can be used as explosion-proof fans, among which RTC, RUC and isq are class a explosion-proof fans.

5) High temperature and smoke exhaust: the blower that has passed the national fire protection certification should be selected; it should be used for fire control and smoke exhaust. It should be operated continuously at 280 ℃ for 30 minutes at high temperature. It can be used as ordinary exhaust fan because of its low power, low speed, low noise and low power consumption, When the motor is adjusted, the power is increased, the rotating speed is increased, the air volume and static pressure are greatly increased, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid smoke exhaust.

6) The exhaust gas contains explosive gas or explosive dust: explosion proof fan and explosion-proof motor must be equipped;

7) The exhaust gas contains corrosive gas: first of all, it is necessary to know what kind of corrosive gas and what composition it is. If it is strong acid and alkali, FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) material is selected; if it is medium corrosive, stainless steel material can be selected; if it is weak acid-base exhaust or the content of corrosive gas in the air is relatively low, it can be passed on the fan impeller The method of double-layer coating is about 20 μ m, which can achieve the purpose of 10 μ M.

8) Oil fume exhaust: the impeller with non stick coating and can collect oil drops for easy cleaning should be selected

Air blower for food and beverage filling equipment

(2) How is the SSR air blowers installed?

The installation position of SSR air blowers is different, and the selected model is also different. The common installation forms are: roof installation, side wall installation, hoisting air duct, etc. If it is installed on the roof of steel frame structure, it should choose the lighter all aluminum roof fan, so as to save the cost of strengthening the roof. If the side wall is installed, customers should be advised to choose accessories such as rain cover, return air valve and insect proof net.

(3) Is the pressure supplied full pressure?

Are the air volume, static pressure and other parameters provided strictly? All the static pressure parameters provided by our samples are static pressure parameters. If the other party provides full pressure, we should convert them into static pressure for selection. Total pressure = static pressure + dynamic pressure. If the requirements of the other party are not very strict, we can roughly estimate the static pressure = (0.75 ~ 0.85) x total pressure. If the static pressure is higher than 700pa, the coefficient can be taken as 0.75500pa, and the coefficient can be taken as 0.85 (note that this is an estimation). According to the sample selection, we may not be able to select the fan whose air volume and static pressure are exactly the same, so we can make some adjustments according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, it is reasonable that the deviation of air volume and static pressure is less than 5%. If the parameters of direct coupling and belt can be satisfied, direct connection should be selected as far as possible, so that the fan has higher efficiency, convenient maintenance and low price.

(4) Is explosion proof required?

Users may consider that there are inflammable and explosive gases in the exhaust gas for special purposes, such as paint, combustible dust, organic gas, etc.; when explosion-proof is required, the motor should also be equipped with explosion-proof motor.

(5) Are there any special requirements for motors?

Sometimes customers will put forward special requirements for the motor, such as protection level, temperature rise level, power efficiency, etc. In case of no special instructions, the products are provided with IP54 (protection against limited invasion of dust and low-pressure jet of water flow in all directions), class B temperature rise (i.e. maximum operating temperature of 130 ℃), and insulation class F. Generally, FYH bearings (imported from Japan) are matched. L10 is 80000 hours (i.e. the total operation time when 10% of the total number of bearings is damaged). It can be understood that more than 90% of the bearings can operate continuously for more than 80000 hours. NSK Bearings can also be matched if required by customers. In addition, we also offer dual speed motors.

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