Australia Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Australia liquid ring vacuum pump is popular with customers for its excellent performance. As for the liquid ring vacuum pump, I believe you all know something about it. There are many manufacturers of this kind of pump in Australia, so I will not list them one by one.

Vacuum pumps are used in many industries, such as disinfection cabinets in hospitals, beer industry, canned drinks and so on. There are many kinds of vacuum pumps, one is liquid ring vacuum pump (circulated by water level medium), the other is dry pump, such as screw pump and Roots pump. The liquid ring vacuum pump is also called rough pump, because it requires a wider range of media. Like screw vacuum pump and Roots pump, they are widely used in the electronic industry. It adjusts the gap relatively small. If the clearance between the two pumps is not adjusted well, it is also very easy to be damaged (Note: The clearance adjustment is aimed at adjusting the distance between the rotor and the cylinder when assembling the vacuum pump cylinder, which is generally in the range of 0.1-0.5 wires. Correct adjustment of the clearance is conducive to the service life of the vacuum pump and effectively reduces the non-liner of the vacuum pump blade and the cylinder body. Conventional friction! Generally speaking, vacuum pump vacuum is not high, noise, oil leakage, smoke injection are related to vacuum pump clearance! Clearance is also one of the core technologies of vacuum pumps. In petroleum industry, screw vacuum pump is used to extract volatile gas above the liquid surface.

The structure of Australia liquid ring vacuum pump is relatively simple. There are two discs on both sides, diaphragm on the side and impeller in the middle. The liquid ring vacuum pump can be used for vacuum pumping and desulfurization in power plants. In alumina industry, centrifuges can not be used for various reasons. Vacuum pumps can be used to dry aluminium powder.

If you want to use a product better, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of it. The Australian liquid ring vacuum pump is the same. Next, we will introduce the advantages of the liquid ring vacuum pump. You can read it carefully. It will be helpful to understand and use the product.


Australia liquid ring vacuum pump advantages:

1. The structure is simple, the manufacturing accuracy is not high, and it is easy to process.

2. Compact structure, high pump speed, generally can be directly connected with the motor, without deceleration device. Therefore, with a small structure size, we can get a large amount of exhaust gas and occupy a small area.

3. Compressed gases are basically isothermal, i.e. the temperature change of compressed gases is very small. Because there is no metal friction surface in the pump chamber, there is no need to lubricate the pump, and the wear is very small. The sealing between the rotating part and the fixing part can be accomplished directly by the water seal.

4. Equilibrium inhalation, stable and reliable operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

5. The inner wall profile of the liquid ring vacuum pump adopts the approximate ellipse profile to ensure the best pumping effect.

6. The bearing adopts imported original bearing, which ensures the accurate positioning of impeller and high stability during operation.

7. The material of impeller is cast by ductile iron or welded by steel plate, which fully guarantees the stability of impeller of liquid ring vacuum pump under various adverse conditions and greatly improves its service life.

8. The belt pulley (belt drive) adopts the standard high-precision conical sheath belt pulley, which has reliable operation, long belt life and convenient disassembly. The couplings (direct drive) adopt standard high strength elastic couplings, and the elastic components are made of polyurethane, which have stable and reliable operation and long service life.

9. All castings are cast with resin sand, with good surface quality. Casting surface need not be greasy, so that the liquid ring vacuum pump heat dissipation effect is the best.

10. The mechanical seal adopts imported parts. The unique upper gas-water separator saves space and effectively reduces noise.

The above four points are about some advantages of Australia liquid ring vacuum pump, you can refer to them. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about liquid ring vacuum pumps, you can continue to pay attention to us.

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