Water ring vacuum pump is used to pump or press gas

The advantages of water ring vacuum pump are small specific gravity, high strength, wide corrosion resistance range, compact structure, etc., which can solve the disadvantages of vacuum pump products. It is suitable for suction or pressure gas, corrosive gas transfer machine without suspended particles or crystal water, vacuum suction, true air filtration, vacuum drying, vacuum concentration, vacuum evaporation, etc.

Especially for the hydrogen chloride and other gases that often appear in chemical enterprises, the use of corrosion-resistant water ring vacuum pump can effectively pump and compress these corrosive gases to form hydrochloric acid and other by-products with high concentration

Because of the long blade, long flow path, small curvature of fluid, linear streamline, and slow flow, the energy loss caused by secondary vortex and boundary layer is also small.


The water ring vacuum pump is generally used for vacuumizing, but not all occasions require that the lower the vacuum degree, the better. In some occasions, it is required to control within a certain required vacuum degree range, or the pressure in the pump cavity of the water ring vacuum pump is too low, and serious cavitation will occur in the pump cavity, which will cause the pump vibration and noise to be too large and affect the use, the suction area of the pump can be used Add a vacuum regulating valve

There is a vaporization pressure for any liquid at any temperature. The vacuum degree of the water ring vacuum pump is related to the saturated vapor pressure of the circulating liquid of the water ring vacuum pump. For the medium with high saturated vapor pressure, the lower the vacuum degree of the water ring vacuum pump is, on the contrary, the higher the vacuum degree is.

As the low-pressure cavity behind the nozzle is connected with the pumped gas, the pumped gas will be further pumped away, and a higher vacuum degree will be formed in the cavity of the pumped gas, while the pumping air volume of the water ring vacuum pump will increase, and the vacuum degree in the water ring vacuum pump will decrease instead.

The water ring vacuum pump is a kind of fluid machinery for conveying gas. The mechanical energy of the rotating bar depends on the impeller to transfer to the working rotating liquid of the intermediate action, and the gas is compressed through the liquid ring, and the energy is transferred to the gas, so that the pressure is increased, so as to achieve the purpose of suction vacuum or pressure gas.

When the pump body is filled with a proper amount of working liquid, due to the rotation of the impeller, the liquid is thrown out around, forming a rotating liquid ring between the impellers on the inner wall of the pump body. The inner surface of the liquid ring, the impeller surface and the end face of the side cover form a crescent shaped working cavity, and the impeller blade divides the cavity into several closed chambers with different volumes.

When the water ring vacuum pump is working, the fresh working liquid is continuously injected into the pump body from the outside to supplement the liquid discharged with the gas. The water supply varies according to the working conditions. The working liquid not only plays the role of medium to transfer energy, but also plays the role of working sealing cavity and cooling gas.

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