Roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit

Roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit is composed of Roots vacuum pump as the main pump and liquid ring vacuum pump as the front pump. It can be used not only to extract general gases, but also to extract gases containing water and a small amount of dust. Compared with the general mechanical vacuum pump, it has the advantages of no fear of oil pollution, no fear of water, gas and dust. Compared with the general liquid ring vacuum pump, it has the advantages of high vacuum limit and high pumping speed under higher vacuum conditions. It is an ideal vacuum pumping equipment for drying, dewatering and vacuum degassing in textile, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Roots Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Unit Characteristics:

1. Roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit adopts high efficiency and energy saving liquid ring vacuum pump as the front pump, so Roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit has high efficiency, compact structure, no leakage (2BV series is mechanical seal standard design, different from 2SK series of packing seal), corrosion resistance (2BV series uses aluminum bronze impeller), protection and so on. The advantages of high grade.

2. The working fluid of the preceding pump of Roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit mostly uses water, organic solvents (such as methanol, ethanol, xylene, acetone, etc.) or other liquids. The preceding pump is used as a closed-circuit circulating system, which greatly reduces environmental pollution and greatly improves the recovery of organic solvents. 。 The ultimate vacuum is determined by the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid.

Roots-Liquid Ring Pump System

JZJ2B Roots-Liquid Ring Pump System

Roots Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Unit Selection:

1. First of all, we should know the composition of the exhausted gas, whether the gas contains condensable vapor, whether there is particulate dust, whether there is corrosion, and so on. If corrosive, please choose stainless steel vacuum pump. When choosing a vacuum pump, it is necessary to know the gas composition and select the appropriate pump for the pumped gas. If the gas contains vapor, particles, and corrosive gases, it should be considered to install auxiliary equipment such as condenser, dust collector in the intake pipeline of the pump.

2. The working pressure of Roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit should meet the requirements of vacuum equipment’s limit vacuum and working pressure. Such as: a vacuum drying process requires 10 mmHg (absolute pressure) working pressure, the limit pressure of the selected vacuum pump should be at least 2 mmHg, and Zui can be better than 1 mmHg. Usually the limit pressure of the pump is half to one order of magnitude higher than the working pressure of the vacuum equipment.

3. Correctly select the working point of Roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit. The normal working range of Roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit is Zui high suction pressure to limit pressure *5. The normal working range of Roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit is 6000Pa~125Pa. The working range is the normal working pressure range after the main pump is opened. The efficiency of Roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit is better in this working range.

4. Under its working pressure, the vacuum pump unit should be able to discharge all the gas produced in the process of vacuum equipment.

5. Choose the appropriate unit configuration according to the actual working conditions.

Roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit operation:

The main pump of the vacuum pump unit is Roots vacuum pump, and the liquid ring vacuum pump is used as the front pump. In order to ensure the normal operation of the pumps, the following procedures should be followed:

1. Check the integrity of the equipment before installation, and be familiar with the operation instructions of each pump.

2. Fix the bottom angle of the vacuum unit in place and connect the pipeline as required. Note: When connecting the intake pipeline, a 20-40 mesh filter should be installed in the pipeline above the unit to prevent foreign bodies such as welding slag from entering the vacuum unit, and the pipeline can be removed after successful test run. Zui is good at installing Y-type filters. Valves should be installed above the intake port of Roots pump to connect with the system in order to shut down before stopping, so as to separate the unit from the vacuum system. Ball valves should be installed between the liquid ring pump and the supply pipeline to control the amount of liquid supplied to the liquid ring pump.

3. Before unit start-up, check the leakage of all pipes in the system; before starting the liquid ring pump, check whether the car is stuck; before starting, inject the oil level of the Roots pump tank and oil cup into the specified requirements according to the “Roots Vacuum Pump Instructions”; and connect the cooling pipeline of the Roots pump to ensure the seal end of the Roots pump shaft. Cooling effect.

4. Assemble the control cabinet and connect the motor and the electric contact vacuum meter according to the electrical schematic diagram.

5. Before sending power to the electronic control cabinet, the insulation resistance 10M should be telemetered, and the frame and the motor have good grounding; before the unit starts, check the rotation direction of the pumps is correct, and do other preparations before starting.

6. Adjust the upper and lower vacuum limit of the electric contact vacuum meter to -0.092 MPa and the upper limit to zui. Attention: When adjusting the upper and lower limits of the electric contact vacuum meter, the total power supply must be cut off first in order to prevent electric shock!

7. Supply power to the electric control cabinet, open the supply valve to supply water to the liquid ring pump, press the start button, and the liquid ring vacuum pump runs. The electric contact vacuum meter controls the automatic starting of the Roots pump, and the unit starts to work to drive the whole system. In operation, if the vacuum degree is lower than the limit value due to some factor, the Roots pump will stop running automatically, and when the vacuum degree is restored to the limit value, the Roots pump will restart.

8. Before shutdown, the butterfly valve connecting the system and the unit should be closed, and then the stop button should be pressed to stop the operation of the vacuum unit.

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