JZJ2B Roots-Liquid Ring Pump System

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Description: JZJ2B Roots-Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump System contains roots pumps and liquid ring vacuum pump. this system is free from oil pollution, and can pump gas contains small amount of vapor and dust.
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JZJ2B series Roots-Liquid Ring Pump System is a vacuum pumping system containing a roots pump as its main pump, and a 2BV types of liquid ring pump or a system of roots-liquid ring pump as fore pump.

Comparing with common liquid ring vacuum pump,the capacity to remain high pumping speed under high or ultimate vacuum degree becomes its main advantage. Except for normal gas suction, this system can also pump special gas with small amount of vapor or dust. Additionally, this system is free from oil pollution, as well as vapor and dust.
Since the 2BV type of liquid ring pump has been adopted as its fore pump, the JZJ2B series system is more efficient than JZJ2S series (which 2SK type of liquid ring pump has been adopted). And it is compact-designed with no air leakage and high protection level. Besides,our 2BV type is more anti corrosive than 2SK type, because all 2BV impeller are SS304 material.
Another note, the fore pump can be designed as a closed circulation system so to reduce the environment pollution greatly.

JZJ2B series system has become an ideal choice for vacuum drying or dehydration process, and vacuum degassing process in the field of light textile, food industry, chemistry, pharmacy, etc.

System Model Pump Model Pumping


Max Suction Pressure Ultimate Vacuum

(abs.) Pa

Main Pump Fore Pump L/s Pa Liquid ring oil ring Kw
JZJ2B30-1 ZJ30 2BV5110 30 12000 267 80 4.75
JZJ2B70-2 ZJ70 2BV5110 70 6000 5.5
JZJ2B70-1 ZJ70 2BV5111 70 12000 7
JZJ2B150-2A ZJ150 2BV5111 150 6000 8.5
JZJ2B150-2B ZJ150 2BV5121 150 8000 10.5
JZJ2B150-1 ZJ150 2BV5131 150 10000 14
JZJ2B300-2A ZJ300 2BV5131 300 4000 15
JZJ2B300-2B ZJ300 2BV5161 300 5000 19
JZJ2B30-2.1 ZJ30 ZJ30、2BV2071 30 8000 67-25 0.8 5.35
JZJ2B70-2.1 ZJ70 ZJ30、2BV5110 70 6000 6.25
JZJ2B150-2.1 ZJ150 ZJ70、2BV5111 150 6000 10
JZJ2B150-4.1 ZJ150 ZJ30、2BV5110 150 3000 7.75
JZJ2B300-2.1 ZJ300 ZJ150、2BV5131 300 5000 18
JZJ2B300-2.2 ZJ300 ZJ150、2BV5121 300 4000 14.5
JZJ2B300-4.1 ZJ300 ZJ70、2BV5111 300 2000 11
JZJ2B600-4.1 ZJ600 ZJ150、2BV5131 600 1500 19.5
JZJ2B600-2.2 ZJ600 ZJ300、2BV5161 600 2000 24.5
JZJ2B1200-4.2 ZJ1200 ZJ300、2BV5161 1200 1000 30
JZJ2B30-2.1.1 ZJ30 ZJ15、ZJ15、2BV2061 30 8000 0.5 0.05 3.35
JZJ2B70-2.2.1 ZJ70 ZJ30、ZJ15、2BV2061 70 4000 4.3
JZJ2B70-2.1.1 ZJ70 ZJ30、ZJ30、2BV5110 70 6000 7
JZJ2B150-2.2.1 ZJ150 ZJ70、ZJ30、2BV5110 150 3000 9.25
JZJ2B300-2.2.1 ZJ300 ZJ150、ZJ70、2BV5111 300 3000 14
JZJ2B300-4.2.1 ZJ300 ZJ70、ZJ30、2BV5110 300 1200 10.25
JZJ2B600-2.2.1 ZJ600 ZJ300、ZJ150、2BV5131 600 2500 23.5
JZJ2B600-4.2.1 ZJ600 ZJ150、ZJ70、2BV5111 600 1200 15.5
JZJ2B1200-4.2.1 ZJ1200 ZJB300、ZJ150、2BV5131 1200 1000 29


1. Above are recommended models as per national standards. Since the suction pressure will be changed as per distinguished working condition, before model selection, the verifying calculation as per actual suction and discharging process, condensation situation of condensable gas, changing time for suction pressure is required. Or referring to the clients current system is also workable.

2. Please refer to instructions of each pump for technical parameter checking.

3. The max suction pressure means the pressure under which the main pump can work. Over this degree, the main pump will be result to overloaded.

4. If a motor, electric joint, anti-explosive for electric cabinet is required, please clear clarify this on PO. And the 2BV2 series on above sheet will be changed to 2BV2-EX series, and 2BV5 series be 2BV6 series.

Kindly click below web-link for specification of each pump:

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