Chemical pharmaceutical vacuum system

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Description: molecular distillation, freeze-drying, drying, degassing, evaporation, distillation, filtration, organic solvent recovery, biotechnology, etc.
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Chemical pharmaceutical vacuum system characteristic : 

Characteristics of chemical pharmaceutical vacuum system

1) Specially developed for chemical and pharmaceutical industry, modular design

2) Automatic control system, one key start

3) It can communicate with DCS system and integrate into plant central control system

4) According to the actual working conditions of customers, the vacuum application system is customized

5) Claw pump, screw pump and supporting equipment form a single pump vacuum system, or a multi-stage Roots vacuum system with roots pump.

6) High pumping speed and extreme vacuum of vacuum system

7) Solvent recovery, tail gas treatment, energy saving and emission reduction

8) Green environmental protection, no industrial waste water, no pollution to the environment.

Chemical pharmaceutical vacuum system application : 

Application scope

Chemical and pharmaceutical fields: molecular distillation, freeze-drying, drying, degassing, evaporation, distillation, filtration, organic solvent recovery, biotechnology, etc.

1) Distillation: hydrocarbon resin distillation, eg distillation, organosilicon distillation, PPG distillation, PPG distillation, HF distillation, FEC / dfec, biodiesel distillation, DEG distillation, cyclohexane distillation, polycarbonate distillation;

2) Evaporation: hydrocarbon resin evaporation, pop evaporation, deodorization, resin evaporation, TDI evaporation;

3) Reaction: DEG esterification, PPG reaction, phenolic resin reaction, cyclohexane reaction;

4) Dehydration, degassing, desolvent and drying: silicon oil dehydration and desolvent, PE, PET chip drying, LCD liquid crystal drying, lithium battery drying;

5) Solvent recovery: carbon hydrocarbon resin solvent recovery, dichloromethane recovery, other organic solvent recovery;

6) Other applications: ABS extrusion, chemical purification.

1) Specification of general first level roots unit

Model / parameter LH-150JZ(C) LH-300JZ(C) LH-600JZ(C)
Unit configuration ZJP150+LG-30/ZJP150+ZB-30PHC  






Extreme vacuum(Pa) 1
Pumping rate(L/s) 150 300 600
Motor power/KW 7 11.5 20.5
Intake port DN100 DN160 DN200
Exhaust port DN40 DN40 DN50
input voltage/V 380
Cooling water flow(L/h) 500 900 1100
Control cabinet One button control


2) Specification of general multi-stage roots unit

Model / parameter LH-1200JZD(C) LH-2500JZD(C) LH-5000JZD(C)
Unit configuration ZJP1200+ZJ300+LG-110/ZJP1200+ZJ300+ZB-110PHC ZJP2500+ZJ600+LG-200/ZJP2500+ZJ600+ZB-200PHC ZJ5000+ZJ1200+LG-300
Extreme vacuum(Pa) 1×10-1
Pumping rate(L/s) 1200 2500 5000
Motor power/kw 26.5 42.5 70
Intake port DN250 DN320 DN400
Exhaust port DN50 DN50 DN50
input voltage/V 380
Cooling water flow(L/h) 1500 2000 2800
Control cabinet One button control

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