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Description: CVS Rotary vane vacuum pump system is consisted of SV series rotary vane vacuum pump and the vacuum tank or vacuum chamber. It’s widely used in vacuum suction and vacuum holding, CNC router.
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CVS series Vacuum system adopt SV single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump as host machine, and it is equipment integration equipped with a vacuum tank, vacuum gauge, automatic control system etc.

The system features: 
To adopt environmentally high-performance vacuum pump, no oil injection
Manual and automatic can be control to option, the vacuum can be set to adjust
Two options of vacuum tank: Vertical or horizontal
Simple operation and strong vacuum, can meet every kinds of inquire from different customers.
Easy moving, space small
CVS intergration is a preferred central Vacuum system for enterprise…


CVS Series Pump System can offer vacuum source for medical gas station in varied large or middle size hospital. Meanwhile, it is widely applied in chemical industry, canning system of light industry, pressure molding of polymer processing components in automobile industry, extruding machine degassing, as well as electric and food industry. Besides, it plays an irreplaceable role in V-EPC casting technology, mainly for casting process. For example, it can act as the vacuum source in the infusion and casting process of anti-flaming transportation type, which has been adopted in mine and coal exploitation.

Size Speed(m3/h) Vacuum pump Pump


Pressure(MPA) Vacuum tank(m3)
CVS-1X010 10 SV-010 1pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X020 20 SV-020 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X025 25 SV-025 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X040 40 SV-040 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X063 63 SV-063 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X100 100 SV-100 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X160 160 SV-160 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-1X250 250 SV-250 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-1X300 300 SV-300 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-2X010 20 SV-010 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.3
CVS-2X020 40 SV-020 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.3
CVS-2X025 50 SV-025 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.3
CVS-2X040 80 SV-040 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-1
CVS-2X063 126 SV-063 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-2X100 200 SV-100 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-2X160 320 SV-160 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-2X250 500 SV-250 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-3X100 100 SV-100 3 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-3X160 480 SV-160 3 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-3X250 750 SV-250 3 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-3X300 900 SV-300 3 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2

Pump System Components Specification:

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