PVD vacuum coating machine system

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Description: CJHL Series Magnetron Multi-arc Vacuum Coating Machine is integrated by multi-arc ion coating and magnetron sputtering coating deposition technologies
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Operational principle:
CJHL Series Magnetron Multi-arc Vacuum Coating Machine is integrated by multi-arc ion coating and magnetron sputtering coating deposition technologies, It equipments with planar targets or cylindrical targets . It not only have the High ionization rate, High deposition rate of the ion coating way. But also have the low temperature and high stability .Especially applies to all kinds of metal films, multi-layer film, alloy film chemicals, such as coating the super-hard wear-resistant film, anti-corrosion film and decorative film (gold, silver, black, red, blue, green and other colors), the multilayer films can
be coated in combining with the magnetron sputtering technology, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, tungsten and other metal films can also be coated, such as TiN, TiC, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN, CU, AU, diamond film (DLC), decorative film ,metal film , nonmetal film and its compound layer and the composite film.

Application field:
It applies to hardware, glass crafts, ceramic crafts, such as watches, mobile phone metal shell, sanitary ware, mould, electronic products, crystal glass, glasses, cutlery, knives and so on. You can make super-hard wear-resistant film coating, anti-corrosion film, decorative film (gold color, rose gold, brown, brown, bronze, blue, black, white, gray and other colors), it combined with magnetron sputtering technique can be plated the multilayer composite membrane and manufactured plated stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, tungsten and other metal films may be manufactured as coated TIN, TIC, TICN, TIALN, CRN, CU, AU, diamond film (DLC), decorative film metal , film and non-metallic composite coating film and its compounds film.

Main Feature:
1. it equipments cryogenic ion secondary source, some substrate without heating the material , It can directly do the cold plating film at room temperature, save energy, increase productivity.
2. the maximum of the temperature for tool coating chamber can 600 degrees ,In addition to the tool coater coating applications require heating device, other applications do not need the device.
3. High deposition rate, High coating speed, It can be widely used to do the decorative coating, functional coating on a variety of products . so it is a ideal equipment to do the high-grade and best coating for mass production.
4. Magnetron sputtering principle is based on the theory of the cathode glow discharge , it expend the cathode surface magnetic field near the work piece surface. Then it improves the sputtered atom ionization rate. It keeps the magnetron sputtering uniformity , also can improve the surface shining effect.
5,. The arc plasma evaporation source is reliable, it can work under 40A current in optimizing the cathode and the magnetic field structure , . It will happen atomic diffusion between the coating and the material. It also has the advantages that Ion Beam Assisted Deposition.
6, Vacuum pumping system, electric control system and complete vacuum coating system can be customized according to user requirements.

model CJHL-800 CJHL-1000 CJHL-1200 CJHL-1400 CJHL-1600 CJHL-1800
Pumping speed It will take less than 10 minutes from air pump to 9*10-3Pa
Ultimate vacuum 6*10-4Pa
pressure rising rate 0.67Pa/h
ion Ф100 ion source ,6—–20 Sets
Ion source 5KW,45—-160A, 6—–20 Sets
target Cylindrical or planar targets 1—-12 PCS
Target power source 10—–60KW DC or Mid-frequency 1-12sets
bias voltage 10–15KW 20KW 30KW 40KW 40–50KW 60KW
pump Diffusion pump or molecular pump
heating 9KW 12KW 15KW 18KW 24KW 36KW
Work frame It can be customized designed,public rotation,rotation speed can be controlled
gas Precision meter control 1-4 road work gas
Control mode Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic control; Control panel use Chinese and English language

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