water vapor cryopump

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Description: EVP ETH series of ultra-low temperature products are used in the vacuum system, condensing water vapor and oil mist to reduce the evacuation time and increase vacuum degree to get clean vacuum.
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Application principle: There is a certain amount of residual gas in the high-vacuum environment where the oil diffusion pump is used. More than 80% of the residual gas is water vapor, oil vapor and other high-boiling vapors. But all the residual gas is also the source of the workpiece, which will affect the quantity and quality of the product. Cryogenic pump is a good choice to solve such problems.

The working principle of cryogenic pump: place a cooling coil that can be below -120 ℃ in a vacuum chamber or oil diffusion pump port to capture rapaidly the residual gas vacuum system through the surface of the low-temperature condensation effect. So that it reduce evacuation time (60-90% reduction in evacuation time) and geta clean vacuum environment (up to a half-order vacuum, 10-8 Torr, 10-5 Pa).

The main performance characteristics
1, It can absorb vapor of water and oil quickly, so that it can reduce evacuation time 60-90%;
2, It can improve coating quality and making coating not fall off and pure color;
3,Cooling rapidly. It can cool to -120 ℃ or even -150 ℃ within 1 minute;
4,hot gas can defrost within 30 seconds,then return to warm and cooling within 2 minutes;
5, There is touch screen and PLC which makes a perfect automation control;
6, Dual-way load can be designed;
7,mixed of imported compressors and green environment mixed refrigerant;
8, with two load inlet and outlet temperature display and device temperature display;
9, defrost temperature can be freely set;
10, with water temperature and exhaust temperature display;
11, With water shortage and high temperature alarm;
12, Self protection when compressor exhaust and pressures is too high;
13, It can be free conversion between local and remote control;
14, With RS485 computer data interface, the computer can read temperature data and its control.

ETH-135-20A ETH-135-32A ETH-135-32AX ETH-135-50A ETH-135-50AX
Compressor Bitzer Bitzer Bitzer Bitzer Bitzer
Compressor power(HP) 10 12 12 15 15
Maximum power(kW) 11.7 14.1 14.1 18.1 18.1
Working current(A) 21 24 24 31 31
Rated current voltage 380V,50Hz, three phase and four wire
Working temperature(℃) -100~-150
Evacuation(L/s) 149000 238400 238400 372500 280000
Maximum cooling capacity(W)


2100 2800 2800 3800 3800
Length of refrigerating pipe 20m,Φ16mm 32m,Φ16mm double lines


50m,Φ16mm double lines


Suface area of refrigerating pipe

1 1.6 1 2.5 1.5
Cooling mode Water cooled,temperature18℃~30℃,The water pressure2bar~4bar
The cold water flow


1.8 2.5 2.5 3.2 3.2
Cold water interface size


16 16 16 19 19
Pre-refrigerating time


cooling downtime(min) 3 4 4 5 5
Defrosting time


3 3 3 4 4
Re-cooling downtime(min) 3 3 3 3 3
Apply oil diffusion pump diameter


800 900 600 1000or 2×600 800
Apply cavity diameter


1300 1500 1000 1800 1500
Need power cold water machine


7 8 8 10 10
Weight 480kg 550kg 550kg 580kg 580kg

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