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Description: JK Oil Diffusion Pump System can reach a high vacuum presure at 10^-2--10^-4 Pa. it is widely adpoted in high tech field.
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JK Oil Diffusion Pump System aims for high vacuum pumping, which can reach around 10-2–10-4 Pa. The whole system equipped with main oil diffusion pump, valves, water-cooling baffle, pipe, and mechanical pump (a system of roots-pump). Since the improvement of the main pump and baffle, this system’s pumping capacity in low vacuum has been highly increased.

The main advantage of this system is its high pumping speed (from 190L/s to 49,000L/s) and long-term continuous working stability.

JK series system is widely applied in high tech field, such as electric, chemistry, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, material, bio-medicine, A-energy, universe exploration, etc. Besides, there are still many other normal industries are using this system as well, such as various vacuum furnance, vacuum coating machine, vacuum freezing or drying system.

Model ultimate Suction Critical backing pressure Heating power Main Pump Baffle valve Backing pump Connecting flange
vacuum speed
Pa L/s Pa Kw
JKT-160 2.5×10-4 900 40 1.4-1.6 KT-160 SDB-160 GD-160 2X-8 CF-160
JKT-200 1400 1.6-1.8 KT-200 SDB-200 GD-200 2X-15 CF-200
JKT-250 1750 2.2-2.4 KT-250 SDB-250 GD-250 2X-15 CF-250
JKT-300 2300 2.4-3 KT-300 SDB-300 GDQ-300 2X-30 CF-300
JKT-320 2500 3.5-3.8 KT-320 SDB-320 GDQ-320 2X-30 CF-320
JKT-400 4250 4-5 KT-400 SDB-400 GDQ-400 2X-70 CF-400
JKT-500 6000 6-7 KT-500 SDB-500 GDQ-500 2X-150 CF-500
JKT-600 8750 8-9 KT-600 SDB-600 GDQ-600 2X-300 CF-600
JKT-630 10000 9-10 KT-630 SDB-630 GDQ-630 2X-600 CF-630
JKT-800 15000 13-13.5 KT-800 SDB-800 GDQ-800 ZJ-600 CF-800
JKT-900 20000 14-16 KT-900 SDB-900 GDQ-900 ZJ-1200 CF-900
JKT-1000 25000 17-20 KT-1000 SDB-1000 GDQ-1000 ZJ-1200 CF-1000
JKT-1200 30000 28-30 KT-1200 SDB-1200 GDQ-1200 ZJ-1200 CF-1200
JKT-1400 45000 38-40 KT-1400 SDB-1400 GDQ-1400 ZJ-1200 CF-1400
JKT-1600 60000 48-50 KT-1600 SDB-1600 GDQ-1600 ZJ-2500 CF-1600

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