JZJP Roots Ejection Pump System

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Description: JZJP roots ejection pump system contains roots pump and water ejection pump.it can be widely used in process of vacuum drying, vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration, etc.
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JZJP Roots Ejection Pump System adopt roots pump as main pump, and water ejection pump as backing pump. Additionally, the main pump includes a middle pump, which has anti-corrosive and easy corroded two types for different request. The anti-corrosive one is painted with anti-corrosive paint. Matching with a vertical water ejection pump, corrosive gas pumping is workable for this pump. The first level roots pump can reach an ultimate vacuum degree at 150 Pa, and the second one, 25 Pa.


JZJP roots ejection pump system can be applied in the process of vacuum drying, vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration, and the industry of metallurgy, petrochemical, paper making, food industry, electric industry. As per various customer requiring, multilevel pump system for pumping capacity and vacuum degree improving is available.

Model Suction Speed Ultimate Pressure Pump System Construction Motor Power
L/s Pa Main Pump Holding Pump Backing Pump Kw
JZJP-30.60 30 267 ZJ-30 RPP-40-60 3.7
JZJP-70.180 70 267 ZJ-70 RPP-54-180 9
JZJP-150.280 150 267 ZJ-150 RPP-65-280 18
JZJP-150.360 150 267 ZJ-150 PRR-65-360 18
JZJP-150.500 150 267 ZJ-150 RPP-80-500 18
JZJP-70.30.60 70 25 ZJ-70 ZJ-30 RPP-40-60 5.25
JZJP-150.70.180 150 25 ZJ-150 ZJ-70 RPP-54-180 12
JZJP-150.150.280 150 25 ZJ-150 ZJ-150

(low speed)

RPP-65-280 21
JZJP-300.150.300 300 25 ZJ-300 ZJ-150 RPP-65-360 22
JZJP-300.150.500 300 25 ZJ-300 ZJ-150 RPP-80-50 22

note: more specification for each model, please view below interlink.

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