JZJLG150-3T roots and dry screw vacuum system

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Description: JZJLG150-3T type Roots screw vacuum unit is a vacuum suction unit composed of ZJ150G Roots pump, LG50G screw vacuum pump in series.
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JZJLG150-3T type Roots screw vacuum unit is a vacuum suction unit composed of ZJ150G Roots pump, LG50G screw vacuum pump in series. The main features of single crystal silicon vacuum-drawing process are as follows:


1. The unit is mainly composed of Roots vacuum pump, screw vacuum pump, muffler and so on. It belongs to dry vacuum pump, which has no oil and gas pollution in the contact part of the system, and is easy to be centralized treated or recycled by the exhaust body.

2. The pumping performance of the unit is stable, and the influence of ambient temperature and cooling water temperature is small.

3.The buffer dust removal tank in the inlet pipe of the unit (optional) can effectively filter a large amount of dust in the gas, reduce the dust into the vacuum pump cavity, and avoid the failure caused by dust.

4.There is no friction between the Roots vacuum pump and the wet part of the screw vacuum pump, the parts of the vacuum pump are not easy to wear, the life of the pump is long, and it is insensitive to the small particle dust, so the gas containing a small amount of small particle dust can be removed.

5.High vacuum unit, big capacity in high vacuum area .

6.Compact structure, small area, small vibration, easy to install and use, the user can only connect the intake and exhaust pipes, cooling waterways and circuits.

7.The vacuum unit adopts the vertical structure and occupies a small area.

8.The ZJ150G Roots pump is driven by frequency converter, and the control system of the unit adopts PLC intelligent control. The control program can be customized according to the customer’s technological needs, which can automatically meet the requirements of different pumping speed and constant pressure of different air output of the customer’s process in different periods of time, so as to better ensure the customer’s production needs.

Model Meaning:

JZJLG150-3T Roots screw vacuum pump unit

J ──On behalf of Vacuum unit

ZJ ──Main pump for normal Roots vacuum pump

LG ──Backing pump is screw vacuum pump

150 ── Capacity of main pump in the vacuum unit (ZJ150 Roots pump)(L/S)

3 ──The ratio of the main pump Roots vacuum pump to the pump speed of backing pump screw vacuum pump

T ——Special Type


Model Unit JZJLG150-3T JZJLG300-5T
Max.Pumping Speed (50Hz/60Hz)

(adjust running speed by inverter)

L/s 170/210 398/478
m3/h 630/756 1430/1720

Ultimate Pressure

Pa ≤0.2/0.1 ≤0.2/0.1
Torr ≤1.5X10-3/ ≤7.5X10-4 ≤1.5X10-3/ ≤7.5X10-4

Water-cooled motor

Frequency Hz 50/60 50/60
Voltage V 380 380
Rated Power kW 3+4.5 4.5+4.5


Rotary Speed

Roots vacuum pump rpm 2900/3480 2900/3480
Dry Screw Vacuum Pump  








Pressure MPa 0.05-0.1 0.05-0.1
Purge Flow l/min 6-20 6-20


Cooling Water

Pressure MPa 0.2-0.4 0.2-0.4


MPa 0.1 0.1
Temp. 10-30 10-30
Purge Flow l/min 3-5 3-5
Inlet mm DN100 DN160
Outlet mm DN40 DN40
Weight Kq 600 750
Noise dB (A) 72 75
Outline Drawing L×W×H mm 1000*660*1050 1100*660*1200

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