JZPX series roots-rotary pump system

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Description: JZPX Series Roots Rotary System contains roots pump and two-stage rotary pump. it is suitable for industries demanding high vacuum.
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JZPX series roots-rotary pump system contains ZJ series roots pump as main pump and single or double stage rotary vane pump as fore pump. It is an ideal machine to achieve for low or high vacuum degree. Besides, the whole system will match the connecting pipe, valve, electric cabinet, and water cooling system (except for the two smallest models) as well. All components are assembled in one shell frame with the pumps, which is compact-designed and convenient to operation.


JZPX series system is your wonderful choice to remain high vacuum. It can continuously work for long time and owns the character of low noise. With a magnetic discharge valve (which will start or stop together with the fore pump)connecting the fore pump and pipe, this system can prevent the oil on the rotary pump being sucked back to the vacuum tank.


With the capability of sucking incondensable or non-corrosive air, as well as atmosphere, JZJX series roots-rotary system is widely applied in varied vacuum system for low or high vacuum, or high pumping capacity. Such as vacuum smelting, molten steel degassing, vacuum sintering,a dynamic vacuum achieving in large space simulation test, vacuum impregnation treating for power capacitors or transformers,

exhaust on fluorescent tube or bulb automatic production line, continuous air discharge for vacuum flask manufacturing, pre-pumping for vacuum coating machine, pumping for magnesium reduction process, degassing for single crystal silicon refining process, etc.

Model Pump Model Pumping Speed Ultimate Vacuum Inlet Diam Motor Power (Kw)
Main Pump Fore Pump Main Pump Fore Pump
L/s Pa Torr mm
JZPX70-4 ZJP70 2X-15 70 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 80 1.1 2.2
JZPX150-5 ZJP150 2X-30A 150 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 100 2.2 3
JZPX300-4 ZJP300 2X-70A 300 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 150 4 5.5
JZPX300-7 ZJP300 2X-30A 300 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 150 4 3
JZPX600-8 ZJP-600 2X-70A 600 2×10-2 1.5×10-4 200 7.5 5.5
JZPX150-42 ZJP1500 ZJP30 2X-15A 150 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 100 2.2 0.75 2.2
JZPX300-42 ZJP300 ZJP70 2X-30A 300 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 150 4 1.1 3
JZPX300-44 ZJP300 ZJP70 2X-15A 300 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 150 4 1.1 2.2
JZPX600-42 ZJP600 ZJP150 2X-70A 600 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 200 7.5 2.2 5.5
JZPX600-45 ZJPP600 ZJP150 2X-30A 600 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 200 7.5 2.2 3
JZPX1200-44 ZJP1200A ZJP300 2X-70A 1200 1×10-2 7.5×10-5 250 11 4 5.5


1. Above are recommended models as per national standards, other pumps can also match according to customer special demands.

2. For technical specificatio of each pump, please click inter-linkage as below and check them.

3. The pumping speed in above sheet is only the main pump capacity.

4. 2X series is a double stage rotary vacuum pump, the number behind 2X is its capacity.

Inter-linkage: ZJ series roots pump2X rotary vacuum pumpEZS Rotary Vane Pump

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