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Description: EVP steam ejector and air ejector with water-saving, steam conservation features, it’s widely used in edible oil,waste oil refining,fatty acid distillation, deodorization.
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Multi-stage steam ejector vacuum system with leading technology, stable performance and the lowest operating cost features. The other products are incomparable.
It’s Widely used in vacuum evaporation of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, sugar, salt, paper and other fields,such as concentration, drying, distillation, distillation, crystallization, dehydrated, filtering, vacuum conveying material, chemical absorption and degassing process. With different pumping speed and working vacuum, we have many types of model for customer selection.

Main Features:
Simple structure; reliable technology;stable vacuum degree; low maintenance and long service life.
It can be used to suction some corrosive gas, flammable, explosive gas and particulate medium,etc. directly.

Steam ejector is type of vacuum obtain device with certain pressure. Motive steam passing through the jet nozzle,its pressure decreased and speed accelerated, the steam’s potential energy is turned into kinetic energy, ejected into suction (mixing) chamber and mixed with evacuated gas. Then the energy is exchanged. When mixed air entering the diffuser, its speed lowered and pressure increased, the kinetic energy is turned into pressure energy. Followed can be found the general working principle:

besides, it’s also good option to be worked together with liquid ring vacuum pump to create higher ultimate pressure.

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