SV rotary vane vacuum pump

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Description: SV Single stage rotary vane vacuum pump is equivalent to Busch R5 series, both single pump and spares are interchangeable.
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SV series single stage rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of reliable, durable, economic and applicable range of vacuum equipment.
In the circular pump body, it has an air suction valve and exhaust valve (stator). Thevanes are equipped with an eccentric rotor slot in the rotor, the vane blades divided the pump chamber into three parts. The volume of the pump chamber keeps changing periodically as the rotation of the rotor to finish the process of gas suction, compression and elimination.

Main Features:
1.High ultimate vacuum degree, less than 0.5 mbar
2.High pumping speed
3.Low operating noise, less than 66 dB(A)
4.Good capability of pumping or eliminating water vapor
5.When the inlet pressure 1.33 x 103 Pa, it still can work continuously
6.Environmental-friendly; Equipped with oil mist eliminator can remove 99.99% of the exhaust gas oil.
7.Compact structure; scientific and reasonable design; convenient Installation

1.Packaging & Pasting
Various foods, metal parts and electronic components of vacuum packaging or inert gas packaging;
The pasting of photos and advertising paper;
Vacuum packaging and food processing technology;
Thermoforming (plastic, foam molding)
2.Lifting, transporting, suctioning, loading and unloading
Glass plate lifting(vacuum sucker)
Woodblock, plastic plate sorption, wood processing, CNC engraving machine;
Non magnetic loading and unloading;
Paper and paperboard loading and unloading, transporting in paper and printing industry;
Powder material conveying;
Vacuum spreader and vacuum handling devices
3.Drying, degassing, impregnating
Drying and impregnation of electronic components;
Casting, coating, vacuum degassing furnace;
Vacuum degassing, deaeration, impregnation, concentration, drying
Laboratory device;
Medical device, medical system, the central vacuum system, moving the vacuum station, etc;
Recycling of Freon;
Vacuum heat treatment

If possible, kindly suggest please your working industry/process, working pressure, working medium, etc. Given detailed request helps to gain better-matched customized solution. Thanks for your patience.