EVP Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

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Description: This model is with same performance and inlet&outlet diameter of Edwards 10i / 20i. it is identical repalcement of Edwards pumps.
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Main applications:
1. Film production equipment, scientific engineering, chemical analysis equipment, etc.
2. Oil-free systems like semiconductor equipment
3. Backing pump as molecular pumps
4. Medical equipment, biological products, pharmaceutical equipment, etc.
5. Food, medicine and other packaging equipment
6. Special gas recovery, liquid crystal injection equipment

Main features:
1. Absolutely no oil, totally clean vacuum environment can be obtained
2. Low noise, <52 dB(A)
3.light corrosion resistance, can pump alcohol, harmful / toxic gas, organic solvents
4.Leakage rate < 1×10-7 pa.m3 /s (for special gas can reach to 1×10-8pa.m3 /s)
5.Small size, light weight, strong adaptability
6.Gas will not touch pump’s bearing, bearing can have a longer service time
7.Input power is 220V, 50Hz, voltage can be converted by mainboard
8.Can automatically stabilize by its frequency conversion to needed vacuum
9.The same inlet / outlet size as Edwards 10i / 20i, can directly replace

Performance curves:

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

Technical Data :

Model EVP200PB EVP500PB
Pumping speed 3.1 L/s 6.5 L/s
Ultimate pressure ≤3 Pa ≤7 Pa
Inlet connection KF25 KF25
Outlet connection KF25 KF25
Operating temperature 5 ℃ to 40 ℃.

When gas temperature exceeds 45℃, please cool it before extraction.

Motor power rating 0.35kW 0.35kW
Cooling Air cooling
Noise level ≤ 52dB(A) ≤ 52dB(A)


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