Oil seal screw vacuum pump

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Description: Low Rotor Ratation Speed, General Motor, Soundproof Enclosure, Efficient Oil Separator, Oil Can Be Set Thermostats.
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Oil Seal Screw Vacuum Pump Features:

Low Rotor Ratation Speed
EVP low pressure screw air compressor adopalt ensure EDP series vacuum pump is extremely quiet-Produc ts for the lowe st noise 69dB(A)-it can be installed next to the pump around the operator’s main device,Ensuring high relibility and long life cycle of the products. high efficient oil-air separation system. Ensuring that the products, of high reliability and long life cycle.oil content of the compressed air under 3 ppm.

General Motor
EDP vacuum durable, high reliability and comfigured servo motor features high coe fficient of ensuring a long product life;
Vacuum Pump Air Inlet Dirctly Mounted Modular Valve;
It enables the device to adjust according to the actual needs of the product preformance;
Reduce the impact of fluctuations in the operation of the device on the system;
By reducing the product starts/stops, reduced wear and shorten product maintenance cycle.

Soundproof Enclosure
The noise levels to a minimum 69dB(A), Optimize the product appearance.

Efficient Oil Separator
Filter easily replaced, reducing reflux and optimize, product performance;
With minimal maintenance times to ensure product life;
Allow product near atmospheric pressure range, acoid installing additional accessories.

Oil Can Be Set Thermostats
Avoiding condensation of water, particularly in a specific environment, pollution tank;
For wet application on the compressor element of condensate, provide continuous performance.

Oil seal screw vacuum pump application:
Electronics, plastic, lithium batteries, printing and packaging industries.


Oil seal screw vacuum pump performance curve:

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