2SK liquid ring vacuum pump

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Description: 2SK liquid ring vacuum pump also called water ring vacuum pump due to working liquid is water.2SK can be widely used in coal mining,petrochemical, pharmaceutical and beer filling machine.
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2SK series liquid ring vacuum pumps(double stage liquid ring vacuum pump) are used for exhausting and compressing air and other noncorrosive, water insoluble and solid particle-free gases so as to create vacuum and pressure in closed containers. A little liquid is allowed in the gas.

2SK series liquid ring vacuum pumps have included secondary impellers and pump cavities to increase vacuum by serial connection. The pumps have high exhaustion capacity under high vacuum degree. The 2SK water ring pumps can also be connected with air ejector, the limiting vacuum combined with air ejector can be up to -740mmhg, ( -0.098Mpa), and the absolute pressure is about 2660pa. Furthermore, the 2SK water ring vacuum pump can be combined with Roots vacuum pumps as well to combine liquid ring-roots vacuum unit with a wider application range due to the high ultimate vacuum of 0.5Pa.

Main features:
Compact structure and convenient maintenance;
Wide application range, which applicable for gas with vapor or flammable, explosive, containing a little dust and a little liquid gas.
Low maintenance expense since water is the main operating medium;
Applicable in severe environments.

Model Suction capacity Ultimate vacuum Power speed Water supply Inlet/outlet diam Water inlet
m³/min MPa(G) KW r/min L/min DN(mm) (mm)
2SK1.5 1.35 -0.097 4 1440 10-15 40 G1/2”
2SK-3 2.7 -0.098 7.5/11 1440 15-20 40 G1/2”
2SK-6 5.4 -0.098 15 1460 25-35 65 G1/2”
2SK-12 10.8 -0.098 22/30 970 40-50 100 G1/2”
2SK-20 18 -0.098 45 740 60-80 125 G3/4”
2SK-30 27 -0.098 55/75 740 70-90 125 G3/4”

Note: 1) The 2SK performance curve is obtained under the standard condition.

2) 2SK series pumps are suitable to deal with high vacuum only, but if it is long term low vacuum or wide working range, the motor should have higher power.

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