Dry vacuum pump distillation process

Distillation process classification:

In pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other fields, distillation process is often used, such as vacuum distillation is a major application direction of dry vacuum pump products in petrochemical, chemical pharmaceutical and other fields, but there are many categories of distillation process.

Distillation is a kind of separation process which uses the boiling point difference of substances to separate and purify some mixed liquids or liquid-solid mixtures by evaporation and condensation. There are many kinds and ways of distillation:

If it is carried out under different pressures, there are atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation and pressurized distillation. The difference is that vacuum vacuum distillation is not easy to volatilize or decompose at room temperature, while pressure distillation is used for gas-liquid mixture or gas state at room temperature.

According to the different process, it can be divided into batch distillation and continuous distillation. Batch distillation is mostly used in small-scale production or some occasions with special requirements.

According to the components of the mixture to be distilled, there are two-component distillation and multi-component distillation. In industrial production, it is usually multi-component distillation.


Finally, according to the distillation process, it can be divided into equilibrium distillation, simple distillation and distillation. The balanced distillation is also called flash distillation. Like simple distillation, it is a single-stage distillation operation, which is used for easier separation or separation of mixtures with low requirements. However, the equilibrium distillation is a continuous and stable process (the material is put into the flash tank, the temperature and pressure remain unchanged, and part of it is vaporized rapidly), which is suitable for the occasion of large-scale crude separation, and can be carried out continuously or intermittently; while the simple distillation is a gradual vaporization, which has a gradual heating vaporization process, often carried out intermittently.

Compared with equilibrium distillation and simple distillation, which only need one partial vaporization and condensation, distillation is an advanced form of distillation, which needs several partial vaporization and condensation in the distillation tower to obtain almost complete separation of high purity. In order to realize distillation, it is not only necessary to have boiling point difference between mixtures, but also to meet the formation of temperature difference and concentration difference between gas and liquid in the distillation tower. Distillation is also the most commonly used distillation method in industrial production.

Although there are various forms of differentiation, the forms of various distillation processes are actually integrated in practical application. For example, in some vacuum vacuum distillation, it can be multi-component continuous vacuum distillation, or it may be two-component intermittent simple distillation. In production, it will be selected and arranged according to the specific characteristics of the mixture.

In the process of vacuum distillation, in order to improve the distillation efficiency and the quality of distillation products, more and more enterprises are not only focusing on the pumping speed and vacuum degree, but also on the improvement of product quality by clean vacuum. Above mentioned is the reason why dry vacuum pump is used in distillation process. I hope you can read it carefully. If you want to buy dry vacuum pump or other vacuum pump products, please consult.

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