Air blower for aeration of sewage-treatment plants

How to choose air blower for sewage treatment equipment

How to choose aeration blower for sewage treatment equipment? What problems should be paid attention to in the selection of aeration blower for sewage treatment equipment? How to find a high performance aeration blower? Today we will introduce it.

Air blower for aeration of sewage-treatment plants

With the national environmental protection more and more tight, the sewage treatment also appears to pay special attention to, so now there are many manufacturers of sewage treatment equipment. Today, we will introduce how to select the aeration blower of sewage treatment equipment.

Generally speaking, the daily treatment capacity of the equipment is less than 800 tons. If it is rural sewage treatment equipment, the treatment capacity is more than ten tons, dozens of tons; most of them are a few or more than a dozen households, so the sewage treatment capacity is not very large.

There are three common matching blowers for general sewage treatment equipment

1、 Rotary blower, this blower has the advantages of small size and small power, and the price is in the middle; the disadvantage is that in the later maintenance, it needs regular refueling. Once you forget to refuel, the blower is easy to be damaged. Secondly, the noise is slightly higher. When the equipment is close to the farmer’s home, it is necessary to make a separate acoustic enclosure.

2、 Roots blower, this blower industry development has been many years, in sewage treatment is a more common aeration blower, the advantage is that the pressure flow linear is relatively hard, the disadvantages are large volume, noise, high price, later maintenance needs refueling, the same as rotary blower, therefore, unless the treatment capacity is relatively large, it will be used.

3、 High pressure blower, also known as vortex blower and vortex air pump, has entered the sewage treatment industry for a short time compared with the former two blowers, so many users do not know about it. However, with its own advantages, it is gradually accepted by more and more users. The advantages of high-pressure blower are low noise and small volume, In the later stage, there is no need to refuel for maintenance and the price is low. Therefore, it has a great advantage in the aeration of sewage treatment equipment. Generally speaking, no noise can be heard at a distance of 20 meters from the residents. Secondly, there is no need to carry out regular refueling in the later use, which can save equipment manufacturers a lot of costs. After all, there are many manufacturers of sewage treatment equipment, and the price competition is relatively large.

aeration of sewage-treatment plants

When the daily treatment capacity of our sewage treatment equipment reaches about 10 tons, we suggest that the power of aeration blower should be 0.75KW for ordinary type and 0.55kw for UHV. The unit price of ordinary type is relatively cheap, but the power should be 200 kW. Generally, listed companies will choose the 0.55kw one because the price difference is nearly double. At present, most users still choose 0.75KW . 75kW.

Of course, there are a lot of sewage treatment equipment specifications with daily treatment capacity. We will first introduce the model of this type of aeration blower. If you need to match different types of aeration blower, how to match it? For more selection methods, please consult the customer service staff. Welcome to call.

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