Vacuum extrusion pump

Vacuum extrusion

Vacuum extruder can be used for multi-outlet molding of different types of bricks, such as hollow brick, facing brick, ceiling brick and roof tile. The output of the extruder is 5-100 tons per hour. The technology and materials we use ensure that the products have high reliability, can withstand vibration, wear resistant coating and chromium plating surface provides wear resistant protection. Simple and fast maintenance, the lowest power consumption.

Vacuum extrusion of characteristics

We can provide interchangeable split cylindrical ring with wear-resistant coating and chrome plated surface according to customer’s requirement.
Easily touchable interchangeable drill with tungsten carbide wear-resistant coating and chrome plating.
The gearbox contains helical gears, steel shafts and heat-treated steel gears.
Supporting bearings with double row rollers and aligning thrust blocks (SKF e FAG).
Mechanical or electric pump to achieve forced oil lubrication.
Pneumatic clutch mounted on the driving pulley.
Steam units are available upon request.
Characteristics of feeder mixer
Two front supporting steel shafts are available upon request with an open mesh and a wear resistant coating.
Clutch transmission with oversized gears.
Supporting bearings with double row rollers and aligning thrust blocks (SKF e FAG).
Interchangeable chrome-plated sink liner.
C40 welding steel mixing blade and steel drill, after tungsten carbide wear – resistant treatment.
Mechanical or electric pump to achieve forced oil lubrication
Pneumatic clutch mounted on the driving pulley.
Gear oil heating units are available upon request.
Durometer or analog plasticity meter.

Vacuum pump selection for Vacuum extrusion

Vacuum extrusion pump

Extruded vacuum pumps, advanced design, high degree of corrosion resistance, in a variety of advanced ceramics, concrete to parts, toys, replication, relief and cultural relics such as the use of differential pressure force for vacuum modelling aspects are widely adopted the German advanced technology of vacuum pump, can eliminate the sludge in the process of manufacture of heterogeneous components, degassing of sludge, the sludge density, no pores, improve the plasticity of the sludge, reduce the deformation of molding products.

Vacuum extruded pump is a new product of high-tech technology. Is a compact structure, durable, safe and environmental protection vacuum pump, suitable for a wide range of industrial USES, especially suitable for all kinds of mechanical equipment.

Vacuum extrusion pump of features:
1. Precise design, strong structure, light weight, easy installation and maintenance.
2. Air cooling (air-cooled type).
3. Value junction drive can avoid the slack or loss of belt and gear.
4. High efficiency oil mist filter, no need to discharge gas outside.
5. There is a check valve in the air inlet. When the pump stops, the check valve can isolate the pump to the system to avoid the reverse flow of vacuum oil.
6. Low vibration, no need to fix pump with base screw.
7. Low operating sound.

When the vacuum pump is turned on, it draws the air out of the extruded product, making the material more compact. If the vacuum pump is not opened, it may cause bubbles in the extruded products and so on.

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