Pumps Agents Of 2BV in Vietnam

Vietnam’s 2BV pump agent, the pump USES bronze material impeller and valve plate, compared to other vacuum pump strength is higher. If used to pump corrosive gases, vapors or liquids, appropriate corrosion resistant materials must be used.

2BV water ring pump drying (tray, rotation, flip, cone and freeze dryer)

Drying is a low cost, relatively low temperature process in which the biological or active ingredients are not damaged/degraded/oxidized by reducing the vacuum to evaporate the liquid from the solid. Dry medical/biological products, remove solvents, water, etc., and specifically require a vacuum of less than 1 torr in the final drying section. After drying, the rest of the granulated products, pressed into tablets. The remaining moisture level is low, allowing the product to be stored longer.

2BV water ring pump reproduction/reactor drying

Fine chemical, medical and aromatics industries use reactors. The JM vacuum device is used to reduce/control reaction temperature, remove reactants, reduce costs and control/improve product quality, and grab products.

Many chemical reactants and applications of drying pump techniques include medical semi-finished products, neutralization and adsorption chemical reactions, desorption/cracking of hydrocarbons and other chemical products, and synthesis of compounds.

2BV water ring pump distillation

Distillation is the separation of two or more layers or parts with different temperatures, pressures, components and phase states. As the distillation column tends to equalize, the parts have different concentrations and can be separated from the species. The tower provides the air pressure to separate the different liquid components, which are separated by varying the vacuum and temperature.

The JM vacuum system removes noncondensate, water, and light hydrocarbons from the system, allowing the feedstock to be processed through the distillation column for separation. The gases discharged from the top of the distillation column are condensed, and the liquid is returned to the distillation column for partial extraction, typically for fatty acids, single-component glycerin, vitamins (A, E), oils, fats, paraffins, and plasticizers.

2BV water ring pump degassing

Degassing is the removal of dissolved/trapped gas in a liquid or product. The JM vacuum device removes the gas from the liquid, improves its physical properties, improves product quality for further treatment, and avoids cross-contamination or corrosion.

The following is a simple list of USES for the 2BV water ring pump:

Degassing oil to improve purity (hydrocarbon oil, insulating oil, turbine oil, brake fluid and hydraulic brake oil, etc.)

Degassing gels, creams and paints to remove excess gas that may harden or reduce product quality

The polymer is degassed in the extruder to achieve higher product quality or to obtain a bubble-free piece

Degassing water for food and boilers.

Pumps Agents Of 2BV in Vietnam

Pumps Agents Of 2BV in Vietnam

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