Roots blower can transport gas

Is the outlet of Roots blower clean? What kind of gas is suitable for transportation?

Roots blower conveys clean air. First of all, it is required that the air is clean and can not contain a large number of dust particles. Secondly, the interior of Roots blower does not contain oil and gas. Therefore, the air outlet of Roots blower also delivers clean air.

So, what kind of gas can roots blower convey?

1. Clean air:

Clean air as mentioned above, roots blower can transport the air without a lot of dust and impurities.

2. Inert gas:

Inert gas roots blower can also be transported, inert gas needs better sealing of the fan, can ensure no leakage, avoid waste of resources.

3. Gas, biogas, natural gas:

These three kinds of gases can also be transported, because of the particularity of the gas, the roots blower also needs special sealing.

4. Which gases cannot be transported?

The roots blower is unable to transport toxic gas and explosive gas. Because the seal is used for a long time, the permanence of the seal can not be guaranteed. Therefore, few roots blower manufacturers take this order, which is easy to cause safety accidents.

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