How to solve the leakage problem of water ring vacuum pump

Once the water ring vacuum pump leaks, it will not only affect the normal operation of the equipment, but also damage the equipment to a certain extent. Therefore, before starting to use the equipment, it will be tested for leakage rate, so as to ensure that the equipment can be used normally if there is no leakage point, and if there is, it needs to be repaired immediately. When it is found that the working efficiency of the water ring vacuum pump is poor and there will always be inexplicable water leakage, the above methods can be used to detect the existence of the leakage point, so that the leakage point can be quickly repaired to avoid the possibility that the situation aggravates and the equipment involved cannot be used.


water ring vacuum pump leakage detection method :

1. Most of the internal leakage occurred on the equipment with water-cooled jacket. No doubt was found through checking the external leakage, but there were the following phenomena: the pumping speed of the water ring vacuum pump was significantly low, the indication value of the vacuum gauge was low, the lubricating oil was quickly emulsified, and the iron-based parts in the vacuum chamber were significantly rusted. With the above conditions, internal leakage can be determined. Clean the inner wall first, and then pass cooling water to see if there is any wet point. The wet point is the leakage point.

2. Small leakage and micro leakage are difficult to check. Our common method is to use the ionization tube in high vacuum state to detect leakage sensitive to some gases, such as acetone or ethanol. Use a medical syringe to spray acetone or ethanol to the suspected local water ring vacuum pump. When the leakage point is injected, the pointer of the ionization meter will swing significantly. In this way, the leak detection must be resistant, and it must wait until the indicator value of the ionization meter is stable — that is, the pumping of the water ring vacuum pump can be balanced with the leak rate, and then it can erupt. The proposition is to repeat several times and admit the omission.

3. For larger leakage point, flame method can be used, and the principle that air flow can make the flame deviate can be used. Vacuum first. For example, use candle or lighter to gradually search around the suspicious point, and it will be found that the flame deviates to the leakage point, then the leakage point can be found.

After reading the above introduction, I think I have learned how to solve the leakage problem of water ring vacuum pump. For other information, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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