Pumps for Plastics Processing

Plastic processing

Also known as plastic molding processing. Is the synthetic resin or plastic into plastic products of various processes, is a large production sector in the plastics industry. Plastic processing generally includes plastic ingredients, molding, mechanical processing, joint, modification and assembly. The last four procedures are in the plastic has been shaped for products or half products, also known as plastic secondary processing.

Plastic material ingredients

The raw material that plastic processing USES, besides polymer, join all sorts of plastic assistant even commonly (if stabilize agent, plasticizer, colorant, lubricant, enhancement agent and filler), in order to improve the use performance of molding process and product or reduce the cost of product. Additive and polymer by mixing, evenly dispersed into powder, also known as dry mixture. Sometimes the powder material also needs to be processed into pellets by plastic refining. The powder and granules are collectively referred to as compound or molding material.

Plastic molding

The key link of plastic processing. To make a product or blank of the desired shape from various forms of plastics (powder, granule, solution, or dispersion). There are more than thirty methods of molding. Its choice depends mainly on the type of plastic (thermoplastic or thermosetting), the initial shape and size of the product. Processing thermoplastic plastic commonly used methods are extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding and thermal molding, processing thermosetting plastics generally use molding, transfer molding, also with injection molding. Laminating, molding, and thermoforming allow plastics to form on a flat surface. The above methods of plastic processing can be used for rubber processing. In addition, there are liquid monomer or polymer as raw materials such as casting. Among these methods, extrusion and injection molding are the most used and the most basic.

Plastic joint

The plastic parts are joined by welding and bonding. Welding method is the use of hot air welding electrode, the use of hot melt welding, and high-frequency welding, friction welding, induction welding, ultrasonic welding and so on. The adhesive method can be divided into flux, resin solution and hot melt adhesive according to the adhesive used.

Plastic parts assembly

The process of assembling finished plastic parts into complete products by means of bonding, welding, and mechanical joining. For example: plastic profiles, through sawing, welding, drilling and other steps assembled into plastic window frames and plastic doors.

Mechanical processing

Borrow the processing method such as metal and wood, manufacturing size is very accurate or a small number of plastic products, but also as a molding auxiliary process, such as extrusion profile sawing. Due to the plastic performance and metal and wood different, plastic thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, low modulus of elasticity, when the clamping device or tool pressure is too large, easy to cause deformation, cutting heat melting, and easy to adhere to the tool. Therefore, when plastic machining, the tool used and the corresponding cutting speed to adapt to the characteristics of plastic. Commonly used mechanical processing methods are sawing, cutting, punching, car, plane, drilling, grinding, polishing, thread processing. In addition, the plastic can also be laser truncated, perforated and welded.

Surface modification

The purpose is to beautify the surface of plastic products, usually including: mechanical modification, namely filing, grinding, polishing and other processes, to remove the burr on the parts, burr, and modify the size; Finishing, including coating the surface of products, with solvents to make the surface bright, with decorative film paste products surface; Rendering, including painting, printing and stamping; Gold plating, including vacuum coating, electroplating and chemical silver plating, etc. Hot stamping is in the heat, pressure, hot stamping film on the color aluminum foil layer (or other pattern film layer) to the product. A lot of household appliances and building products, daily necessities, with this method to obtain metal luster or wood grain pattern.

Used for plastic processing pump.

Pumps for Plastics Processing

Plastic processing of pump as a new concept of environmentally vacuum pump, screw vacuum pump development there for all to see, this oil-free vacuum pump brings to the enterprise is not only benefit, more is a future development direction, will inevitably there will be replaced oil vacuum pump, a lot of users are focused on the new product.

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