Vacuum pump for dental clinics

After you choose an excellent dental chair, what kind of negative pressure system should be used to make your dental chair work better, so as to better serve your treatment of patients?

Why is negative pressure suction important for clinic treatment?

The spray cloud generated during dental treatment will not only affect the field of vision of the work area, but also bring the risk of cross-infection to the medical staff due to the inclusion of bacteria, viruses and other pollutants. Proper use of negative pressure suction can:

1. Improve work efficiency and avoid frequent interruption of treatment caused by insufficient air pressure.

2. Strong negative pressure suction allows patients to get rid of the trouble caused by swallowing reaction and to receive treatment comfortably, thus not only improving the work efficiency of the clinic, but also achieving high patient satisfaction.

Dental negative pressure machine (dental electric suction system) USES a liquid ring vacuum pump to generate negative pressure suction.

Special material for pump of introduction

1. Polyethylene trifluoride gas

The temperature range is -180~+250℃, which can be used as a good anticorrosive coating in pumps.
It can also be directly made into various parts of the flow part of the corrosion resistant pump.

2. Chlorinated polyaldehyde

The operating temperature can reach 120℃. It can be used as a good corrosion resistant paint in pumps.
It can also be directly made into a variety of parts of the flow through the corrosion resistance pump.

3. Polyvinyl chloride

Hard PVC in the pump can be made to withstand the pressure is not high various parts.
4, carbon graphite with excellent corrosion resistance and very good self-lubricating properties, friction coefficient and linear expansion coefficient is relatively small, good thermal conductivity. The disadvantage is that low strength, large porosity and so on use often filled with other materials to build strong and become not permeability, pump carbon Shi Wei often use epoxy resin, phenolic resin and furan resin for didn’t collapse. Impermeable graphite is used in pumps to make sealing rings for bearings and mechanical seals.

5, the rubber

Rubber has a good elasticity and a certain strength, and has a good air sealing, impermeability, wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance.
In the pump can be made of a variety of static gasket, ring and other parts; Hard rubber can be made into water lubricated bearings; It can also be lined on the surface of the parts of the pump to make the wear-resistant lining and impurity pump. The special rubber commonly used on the pump is: butyl rubber. Silicone rubber and fluorine rubber. Butyl rubber is used for oil resistance, silicone rubber is used for high temperature-60 to 200℃, fluorine rubber is used for low temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, strong corrosion resistance.

6. Fiberglass

Glass fiber reinforced plastic, also known as fiberglass reinforced plastic, is composed of resin and its auxiliary oil materials and reinforced glass fiber. It is formed by hot pressing.
FRP is characterized by its light weight, high strength, simple molding process and corrosion resistance. In the pump can be used in addition to the shaft of various parts, the temperature can reach 80℃.

7, ceramic

Ceramics is away from the hardness and wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance. In addition to the nitrogen acid, fluosilicic acid and strong alkali, almost all kinds of medium corrosion can is ideal material of mechanical seal friction pair, but crisp, high hardness, machining difficult, now more than a refrigerator is to use the alumina ceramic, it has good thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, heat resistance, hencoop temperature degeneration and wear resistance, and linear expansion coefficient is small, hardness than general ceramics dealer. Also useful golden field of ceramic materials as friction pair. This kind of ceramic plastic get change to pu. Strength increased, but the copper corrosion.

Liquid ring vacuum is accomplished by the change of pump cavity volume of suction, compression and exhaust, so it belongs to the variable capacitance type vacuum pump. The advantage is that it can be vacuumed, just like the needle pump. Therefore, the strength of its suction will not be affected by the thickness of the pipe. When inhaling small particles from the mouth, blood clots or broken needles into the pump will not do any harm to the vacuum pump.

Vacuum pump for dental clinics

Vacuum pump for dental clinics

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