Piston vacuum pump in ground treatment

Piston vacuum pump in foundation treatment of application

Piston vacuum pump, is one of the basic vacuum equipment to obtain coarse vacuum, is a kind of vacuum equipment familiar with and widely used by the vast number of enterprises, is through the reciprocating movement of the piston in the cylinder continuously make the gas expansion and compression, and through the intake and exhaust valve plate to complete the suction and exhaust work so as to obtain vacuum.

Piston vacuum pump in ground treatment

Foundation treatment is generally used to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation (soil or rock) supporting buildings, improve its deformation performance or impermeability to take engineering measures.

Piston vacuum pump features: stable performance, simple maintenance, easy to use.

Piston vacuum pump of scope of use

Widely used in chemical industry, food, building materials and other sectors, especially in vacuum crystallization, drying, filtration, evaporation and other processes more suitable.

Piston vacuum pump in foundation treatment purpose of using 

The problems faced by the foundation mainly include the following aspects:

1. Bearing capacity and stability;

2. Compression and uneven settlement;

3. Leakage problem;

4. Liquefaction problem;

5. Special problems of special soil.

The purpose of treatment with piston vacuum pump is as follows:

1) improve the bearing capacity of foundation soil

The concrete manifestation of shear failure of foundation is that the bearing capacity of foundation is not enough and the structure is unstable because of eccentric load or lateral soil pressure. Uplift of adjacent foundations due to filling or building loads; The bottom of the pit is uplifted when the foundation pit is excavated. Shear failure of foundation soil is mainly due to the insufficient shear strength of foundation soil. Therefore, in order to prevent shear failure, it is necessary to take some measures to improve the shear strength of foundation soil.

2) reduce the compressibility of foundation soil

The compressibility of foundation is manifested in the settlement and differential settlement of buildings, while the compressibility of soil is related to the compression modulus of soil. Therefore, measures must be taken to improve the compression modulus of foundation soil to reduce the settlement and uneven settlement of foundation.

3) improve the permeability of foundation

During the excavation of foundation pit, piping or flowing sand is generated due to the movement of groundwater in the soil, so measures must be taken to reduce the permeability of foundation soil or its hydrodynamic pressure.

4) improve the dynamic characteristics of foundation soil

Saturated loose silty sand (including some silty soil) will liquefy under the action of earthquake, which will cause the vibration of nearby foundation to decrease when it is subjected to traffic load and pile driving. These are the dynamic characteristics of soil. The purpose of foundation treatment is to improve the dynamic characteristics of soil to improve the vibration resistance of soil.

5) improve the characteristics of poor foundation of special soil

For collapsible loess and expansive soil, it is to eliminate or reduce the collapsibility of loess or expansive soil expansion and shrinkage.

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