Piston vacuum pump in electronics industry

Piston vacuum pump has high vacuum, ultra-low silence, compact size and no oil and gas.piston vacuum pump is widely used in automation equipment, laboratory, air detection equipment, photoelectric semiconductor, medical and pharmaceutical industries. The piston vacuum pump of Shanghai EVP vacuum pump is mainly used in the field of electron accelerator.

In order to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers in the electronics and semiconductor industries, Shanghai EVP  vacuum pump has been continuously shortening the product development cycle, introducing new products more quickly, and significantly improving the quality of service.

piston pump

The electron induction accelerator is a device that uses induced electric field to accelerate electrons. Electron induction accelerator can be used for the study of low energy photonuclear reactions, as well as for activation analysis and other radiation sources.

Piston vacuum pump is energy saving and efficient, compared with the traditional vacuum pump. Under the same energy supply, the piston vacuum pump can run more time, save the operation cost to the greatest extent, and bring more benefits and profits to the production enterprises. After repeated tests and explorations, the noise problem of piston vacuum pump was reduced to the lowest level, and the noise pollution of the factory was avoided.

The electronics and semiconductor industries are revolutionizing our lives, enabling us to enjoy the pleasure and comfort of science and technology. Piston vacuum pump plays an extremely important role in the production of electronic products and semiconductor equipment. In view of the special production requirements, it is necessary to select suitable vacuum equipment.

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