Direct Coupled Water Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Direct coupled water liquid ring vacuum pump is an ideal choice for applications requiring continuous, quiet operation, compact design and low power consumption. Single stage, variable discharge design provides effective operation from 1 “to 262 CFM with a vacuum of up to 29” Hg. The impeller’s unique slow rotation and bending blade design reduces the tip speed, thus improving the service life of the pump.

Direct Coupled Water Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Features :

1. More compact than traditional liquid ring pump

2. No belt, no coupling – reduces wear, alignment and belt problems

3. Standard model with cast iron shell, stainless steel impeller and PTFE flap valve

4. Designed for heavy duty applications

5. Single side mechanical seal device as standard

During the operation of the direct coupled water ring vacuum pump, the air will be continuously discharged from the pump body, and the vacuum degree required for the operation will be formed at the suction port. Therefore, the exhaust pressure is another main factor affecting the working power of the water ring vacuum pump, which will have a huge impact on the suction capacity and shaft working power consumption of the vacuum pump.

When the direct coupled water liquid ring vacuum pump system is working, if its exhaust pressure is greater, the suction capacity of the vacuum pump will be smaller, and the power consumption of the corresponding shaft will be larger. On the contrary, when the exhaust pressure of the system is smaller, the suction capacity of the vacuum pump will be larger, and the power consumption of the corresponding shaft will be smaller.

In the process of practical work protection, it is necessary to investigate the exhaust pressure data of vacuum pump system in real time. In case of abnormal exhaust pressure data, corresponding measures shall be taken immediately to update and transform the whole vacuum system, so as to improve the power of all working machines of water liquid ring vacuum pump.


Key points for installation of direct coupled water liquid ring vacuum Pump:

An eccentric rotor close to the inner surface of the pump is installed in the pump housing, and a radial slide piece which always contacts with the rotor surface is installed on the pump housing. When the rotor rotates, the slide piece can slide up and down to divide the pump cavity into two variable volumes. The fixed vane vacuum pump has a small pumping speed, which can be divided into single-stage and two-stage. The limit vacuum of the two-stage pump can reach 10-1pa. The structure of the pump is simple, the service life is long and the maintenance is easy, but its performance is not as good as that of the rotary vane pump, so it has been rarely produced and applied. Because the suction pipe is short and thick, it is beneficial to increase the pumping speed under low pressure.

Therefore, in the low pressure range (1-100pa), the pumping speed characteristic curve of the cycloid pump is better than that of the slide pump. The rotor and the pump body of the cycloid pump are a pair of conjugate tooth pairs, so they are not sensitive to a certain amount of dust and small particles in the extracted gas. The cycloid pump adapts to the working environment with high temperature. The pump chamber can be kept at a high temperature (i.e. it is called cycloid heat pump) through the temperature control device to pump out a large number of condensable water vapor. When the whole set of pump is transported to the lower installation site, if it is found damaged or installed 8 months after delivery, it shall be completely disassembled for inspection and repair before installation. The coupling should be turned by hand before installation. To confirm whether the pump is stuck. The foundation of the direct water ring vacuum pump shall be level to ensure that the pump is placed horizontally.

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