2BV water ring vacuum pump for water vapor

2BV series water ring vacuum pump is used to extract or press gas and other non corrosive, water-insoluble and solid particles free gas, so as to form vacuum or pressure in a closed container, so as to meet the specific process requirements. A small amount of liquid is allowed in the gas inhaled or compressed.

2BV water ring vacuum pump is no stranger to you. It can effectively deal with water vapor. To solve this problem, how to deal with water vapor by 2BV water ring vacuum pump is introduced.

2BV water ring vacuum pump uses the valve installed on the intake pipe to adjust the vacuum degree and flow. The valve is installed on the exhaust pipe in any form to adjust the pressure of the compressed gas. When the compressed gas is not allowed to be discharged according to its service conditions, a gas conduit shall be installed between the exhaust pipe and the exhaust pipe, with the same diameter as the valve installed on it, so as to adjust the gas volume to a large extent.


2BV water ring vacuum pump is widely used in the field of metallurgy and heat treatment. Recently, some of the world’s largest dry pump systems have been installed for large-scale steel-making exhaust. Smaller systems are used to treat refined steel and super heat resistant stainless steel. The process uses electromagnetic induction to melt the metal in vacuum. This induces eddy currents in the metal – the source is an induction coil, which carries alternating current. Eddy current heats and melts the load. Metallurgical processes like this produce a certain amount of condensable water vapor, which contains water vapor. Oil sealed rotary piston pump used to be the most common pump used in these processes, but with this kind of pump, water vapor will mix with lubricating oil, leading to aging of lubricating oil, and increasing the wear degree of pumping mechanism.

The exhaust pipe of 2BV water ring vacuum pump or compressor is connected with the intake pipe of gas-water separator. When it is used as compressor, the exhaust pipe of gas-water separator is connected with the system using compressed gas. Generally, the pipeline shall not be too long and the turning shall not be too fast. When it is used as a vacuum pump, the gas is discharged to the atmosphere from the air outlet of the gas water separator. In order to improve the working environment, the gas can be discharged to the outside of the working place through the pipeline.

2BV series water ring vacuum pumps are widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, ceramics, sugar manufacturing, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, environmental protection and electronics industries. In the working process, this kind of pump compresses the gas in the isothermal state, so it is not easy to cause danger when pressing or pumping flammable and explosive gas, so it is more widely used.

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