Scroll vacuum pump sold to Russia

Russia scroll vacuum pump of features

Scroll vacuum pumps were sold to Russia. Due to the superior performance of scroll vacuum pump, as a new type of oil-free scroll vacuum pump in the vacuum industry at home and abroad has attracted more and more attention.

Scroll vacuum pump sold to Russia

Scroll vacuum pumps were sold to Russia. Oil-free scroll vacuum pump mainly includes left stator, right stator, rotor, crankshaft, anti-rotation mechanism, air inlet and exhaust port. The gas is compressed in the crescent cavity composed of a scroll stator and a scroll rotor. The scroll stator is fixed on the periphery of the frame. An suction port is opened on the periphery of the scroll stator and an exhaust port is opened on the center of the scroll body of the rotor and stator. With the rotation of the crankshaft, the scroll rotor revolves around the center of the stator with the eccentricity Ror as the radius. The scroll rotor is restricted by the anti-rotation mechanism and cannot rotate. It always maintains a fixed posture. Its center moves in a circle with a radius of Ror around the center of the scroll stator.

Compared with other pumps, the oil-free scroll vacuum pump has many unique advantages, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. Small clearance, small leakage, high compression ratio, stable pumping speed in a wide range of working pressure.
2. Wide range of working pressure. Since the volume of the compression chamber changes continuously, the driving torque and power change little.
3. Because the working chamber formed by the stator and stator scroll is symmetrical, and the pump is simple in structure and has few parts, it works smoothly, with small vibration, low noise and high working reliability.
4. Scroll profile was optimized from constant section to variable section, which greatly enhanced the gas extraction ability.
5. It can be started at atmospheric pressure (105Pa) and can be independently discharged into the atmosphere.
6. No pollution to the pumped container, and the condensable gas can be removed.
7, the main parts of the composite polymer material, can be extracted corrosive gas.

Russia scroll vacuum pump technical parameters

Technical Parameters

Model EVP Dry Scroll Vacuum pump
Interface dimension See Figure 1 on page 5
Pumping speed 16L/s(50Hz)
Medium No toxic, corrosive, explosive or particulate forming gases
Ultimate pressure 1Pa
Inlet connection KF40
Outlet connection KF40
Operating temperature 5 ℃ to 40 ℃
Motor power rating 1.5kW
Operating voltage Triphase asynchronous motor

380V 50Hz

Cooling Air cooled
Weight Pump only: 64Kg

Shipping weight: 80Kg

Noise level  (per ISO 11201) ≤ 68dB
Application Science and Chemistry analysis

Primary backing pump for oil-free pumping system


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