How to Prevent Vacuum Pump Corrosion

Corrosion and cavitation often occur in the use of vacuum pump, especially in the acid and chloride containing environment. The corrosion of vacuum pump will seriously affect its use. How to prevent corrosion in the daily use process? For you to analyze the causes of vacuum pump corrosion, and vacuum pump how to carry out anti-corrosion? These two questions are mainly introduced.

Analysis of the causes of vacuum pump corrosion:

With the increasing application of vacuum pump, due to the impact of high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, cavitation erosion and other harsh environment, the equipment often appears wear, corrosion, leakage and other phenomena, which restrict the normal production of enterprises, and even lead to fire, explosion, pollution and other serious safety accidents. The main causes of corrosion can be summarized as follows:

1. After the vacuum pump uses water for many times, not only the acidity is enhanced, but also the carbon monoxide is fully contacted, so that the water is acidic, which results in the electrochemical corrosion condition of the overflow part of the vacuum pump, and the corrosion of the impeller and other overflow parts.

2. Due to the change of boundary conditions in vacuum pump, the local flow rate will increase, resulting in negative pressure on the back of impeller, which is easy to generate cavitation phenomenon and a large number of bubbles in the use process. In the discharge stage, the bubbles burst rapidly under pressure, and the shock wave produced is like a “water hammer” action, enough to damage the metal surface. “Cavitation” will cause serious corrosion on the flow surface, resulting in holes in the pump body and the front and rear discs.

3. The material of vacuum pump body is mostly cast iron. However, due to its poor anti-wear and corrosion resistance, the pump body is corroded and worn.

In the maintenance of vacuum pump, there is a skill that can’t be ignored, that is, anti-corrosion. We all know that as a kind of metal corrosion, there are two kinds of metal corrosion, one is unilateral corrosion, the other is situation corrosion. No matter what kind of corrosion, there will be no good consequences. How can we avoid unnecessary corrosion in the future Damage, but can be modified by polymer compound on the surface of water ring vacuum pump inorganic coating anti-corrosion, which is now one of the more useful anti-corrosion methods.


Analysis of the application advantages of polymer composite technology

Polymer composite material is a high-tech subject developed on the basis of polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, colloidal chemistry and material mechanics. It uses polymer permeation to form the force between molecules and form van der Waals force and hydrogen bond link with repair parts, so as to ensure the bonding performance of repair and protection parts. The special molecular structure of polymer composite materials can adapt to the alternation of deformation and temperature change, and ensure that the materials have excellent corrosion resistance, cavitation resistance and wear resistance. Its high molecular weight and smooth surface coating can improve the efficiency of vacuum pump. Polymer composite materials are non-volatile, non-toxic and harmless, and can directly contact with skin.

It is one of the effective anti-corrosion measures to use polymer composite repair material to carry out the surface organic coating anti-corrosion. Compared with the traditional technology, it has the characteristics of simple construction, low cost, safety and good repair effect.

To sum up, the analysis of how to carry out anti-corrosion of vacuum pump concludes that in industrial production, it is very necessary to prevent corrosion and wear in advance for the use of vacuum pump. The application of polymer composite repair material to vacuum pump to precoat organic anti-corrosion coating on its flow surface is not only an effective Anti-corrosion Measure for vacuum pump, but also has a good efficiency improvement effect; the application of new super wear-resistant silicon carbide polymer wear-resistant coating to repair worn parts achieves the management goal of “repairing the old and recycling the waste”, and avoids the capital investment of scrap replacement. The introduction and application of polymer composite materials has become an indispensable technical means in the management of equipment for many enterprises.

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