Roots blower in meltblown cloth manufacturing

Now the production of meltblown cloth industry using roots blower to blast. Install roots blower to help melt nozzle cloth production equipment to improve production efficiency.

The production equipment of meltblown cloth is mainly the key factor of Roots blower. From the production process of meltblown cloth, it is not difficult to see that in the process of producing meltblown cloth, roots blower transports plastic particles to the feeder by setting corresponding air pressure and air volume, melts the plastic particles into polypropylene PP special material through melting equipment, and enters into the flow channel of melt blown die head after plasticizing, and then distributes evenly Entering the spinneret, the hot air with high temperature, high speed and high pressure is ejected to form melt blown nonwovens. Roots blower blows in this link, and ejects the molten plastic liquid evenly through the mask die head to form melt blown cloth, which is a key filter material in the middle layer of mask.

meltblown cloth application range:

(1) Medical and health cloth: mask, operating clothes, protective clothing, disinfection cloth, etc;

(2) Industrial cloth: filter material, insulating material, cement packing bag, geotextile, wrapping cloth, etc;

(3) Agricultural cloth: crop protection cloth, seedling raising cloth, irrigation cloth, heat preservation curtain, etc;

(4) Other: Space cotton, thermal insulation and sound insulation materials, oil felt, smoke filter, bag bag tea bag, etc

Basic technical specifications and performance indicators of the production line:

This production line is melt blown PP electret filter material production line, which is used to produce PP melt blown cloth. Melt blown nonwovens production line uses polypropylene pellets as raw material, through high temperature melting, spinning, fiber forming, fiber cooling, winding and other processes, so as to produce meltblown nonwovens. Including a complete set of melt blown system, electrical control system, high-voltage electrostatic electret system and a series of complete equipment. This production line is suitable for melt blown non-woven fabric forming process. It is a mechanical equipment for producing melt blown filter non-woven fabric products.

The principle of the machine is as follows: the vacuum feeding machine automatically inhales polypropylene and sends it to the screw extruder, and the extruder heats and melts PP particles to liquid state. The compressed air from the blower or air compressor and air storage tank is sent to the air heating tank for heating. The hot air sprays the melted polypropylene material into liquid from the nozzle to form filaments (the nozzle contains hundreds of small holes), and then the ejected filaments reach the level of the netting machine, and then reach the winding equipment.

Product introduction: meltblown nonwovens are composed of directional or random fibers. They are a new generation of environmental protection materials. They are moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light weight, non combustion supporting, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non irritating, good filtration, low price and recyclable. The product has good stability and high productivity.

Application fields: meltblown nonwovens are widely used in marine oil pollution prevention and adsorption materials, industrial dust prevention, air purification, industrial filter media, automobile materials, battery separators, medical and health, smoke filter materials, building materials, packaging materials, thermal insulation materials, household and industrial dishcloth, etc., and have a huge market prospect.

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